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Quotes -dealer vs Internet

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Masakali, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. Just got a quote at dealer for insurance and surprisingly it was half the price of what got online... Do they have access to special deals or are they dodging something on the quote, of course when I sign I will check what they have put in is accurate. This is Swann btw.

  2. I always use online quotes as a guide only, it always pays to call up as speaking to a human can reap greater rewards.
  3. I called them up hoping to get them to beat the dealerships deal, and they told me dealers have access to special wholesale pricing and I should just get it through the dealer. I would of thought having to pay commissions they could do much better for me, oh well, dealer it is then. It was $500 vs $1100. So massive difference! For any newbies out there like me who was considering a naked bike to save on insurance this makes a massive difference.
  4. Its always been lower through dealer or direct vs online for me ... dunno why
  5. My Swann (under-written) insurance from the dealer was ~100AUD less than the same policy from Swann direct.

    When I directly asked the dealer why - they told me that they get a small commission for signing up new vehicles for fully comprehensive cover and therefore have high turnover on policy sign-ups, thus high turnover for premiums = a discount for the consumer.

    All in all it looks above board and is a good saving to boot (y)
  6. I saved $300 between IMR and Dealer insurance, I will be hunting at the end of the yr again.