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Quoted for service

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Ridingtime, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. Hey all im looking to do a full service on my 2008 GSX-R600 2300km and i just wanted an expert opinion on if im being quoted too high.
    Work to be done include Spark plugs, Engine oil, Brake fluid, Inter cooler fluid and filter for some.
    Quoted from:
    Close motorcycles: $400 without iridium spark plugs $500 with them
    Bike smiths blacktown: $400-$500 it wasn't very clear about which would be done and which they would only be testing e.g. brake fluid, spark plugs
    RB racing:$400-$500 i have experience with these guys and they seem to know what they are doing, they said i may not need spark plugs which they would check on their dyno i forgot to ask if they charge extra for the dyno service.
    Original dealership: $450
    All in all isn't that too high for work that has materials which cost no greater than $200?
    Any other people that i should call? Or does any here recommend any of the ones ive listed. Im looking to get it serviced in the next 5 days.

  2. Looks fine with me. $200-250 worth of materials yes...but do you expect them to work for free? $80-100/hour...2-3 hours...maybe more if dyno is involved (at RB Racing).
  3. Inter cooler? You have a turbo gixxr?
  4. Sorry i meant engine coolant.
  5. $100 an hour is a lot for something that can be done by most people. The only reason i don't do it myself is its first and last service was in 2008 so there may be something that i will miss. After this service i will be servicing it myself so i think it is worth the initial cost to know there is nothing wrong with the bike. However on the other hand i don't plan on keeping it for more than a year that's whats keeping me from forking out $500.
  6. Where are you mostly? RB and Blacktown are not exactly adjacent.
  7. I am located in Canterbury (NSW). I plan on trying to book it in so that the work will be done when i bring it in as i have no other transport
  8. Welcome to the world of high cost labour in Australia. To get into the spark plugs and air filter on most modern bikes, and back out again is at least a 3hr exercise, so $200+ on labour doesn't seem bad at all.
  9. Full service should include all fluid (fork oil as well) and engine tune. I think dyno is included in their quote as it's part of their engine tune.
  10. I think ill ride it down to RB racing (since i have used them before) and have them check out the bike and tell me what they think it will need and have them write up a complete quote that way there are no surprises. I can live with spending $400-$500 if the work is done at a top notch rate.
  11. It doesn't matter what the work is, how simple or complex...one hour is one hour, the rate doesn't change. If it takes one hour to remove the spark plugs and put new ones in, it'll be one hours rate pay.

    $100 per hour is a fair bit of money I agree, but they have bills to pay...they are a business with overheads. If you can't afford it, or do not want to pay it, then best to do it yourself.

    The prices you have been quoted seem reasonable in my eyes.
  12. They quoted me $500 for the whole job not in terms of an hourly rate but they have their hourly rate included in the $500. What holds me back is i know they are going to come back to me and say we spent longer than expected so we are charging you more, if i can get a complete quote and any extras to be approved it would be good enough.
  13. unless something else is wrong with the bike, they won't expect more payment.
  14. Its only got 2300 km so hopefully there is nothing wrong with it although ill admit i am a little worried, that's why i want the first service i do to be done by a proper workshop.
  15. Yeah I figured the $500 included labour, which is a good deal. I'd say let them do it, since you say it has only done 2300kms in 4 years...might need a bit of TLC mechanically. If you are worried about cost blow out, tell them to contact you if they find anything that may require attention prior to starting work. Some workshops usually contact the owner prior to any further work outside the scope given in the quote.

    I'm no mechanic, but I have taken my race bike to a mechanic and cost blow outs were common, however mechanic would always contact me prior to doing the work.
  16. Ever had a job which cost less than quoted?
  17. In the times I used RB I have yet to pay more than an initial quote or very early update when initial quote wasn't possible. Ymmv.
  18. Motorcycle oil

    Hi, I own a 2010 Yamaha FZ6R, do I have to use Yamalube oil only? Can anyone recommend a good oil for this bike? I am thinking of changing the oil and filter myself.
  19. Is it? How do you come to the conclusion it's expensive?
  20. Why don't you do the things you're comfortable with (ie; fluids , plugs etc) yourself then take it to the shop for a going over.Then you won't be paying them for something you could do yourself