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Quote of the year...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by happy.grl, Nov 27, 2007.

  1. Spoken by a good friend (a non-rider) on Saturday night

    "Why would you want to take a motorbike to Tasmania - the roads are so twisty....."

    Gave me a laugh, just wanted to share
  2. :tantrum: OMGtwistyroads!getoffthebikenow!!!

    Lol. That's great. They must have mucho pity for us down here :LOL:
  3. I was dumbstruck.
  4. LMFAO!!! Must be a HD rider. :LOL:
  5. American car owner?
  6. Said it once, and I'll say it again :jerk:
  7. I wouldn't call him a Wnkr, just a normal cager who views transport as a way of getting from A to B, without thinking about the fun that could be had in the bits in between... you might be surprised how many people think this same way.

    Unless you're referring to me for posting it :LOL: In which case :evil:
  8. dont start fella! :blackeye:
  9. golden quote +1 for qoty
  10. Doubt Thomo's post was directed at you. Read the thread again.
  11. A friend (non rider) tried to describe this horrible road he was on to get home from qld 4 weeks ago. I asked where it was, turned out to be Putty Road :rofl:
  12. Even in a car, the putty can be fun... :D

    In my Getz goes hard on the putty.. till i get overtaken by you guys.. :p
  13. Don't worry about it. Some people will never know. Luckily we are not sheep.
  14. lol -we had so much fun DRIVING in Tasmania in the snow, drifting our little renta car Hyundai Getz round corners, our first thought was 'we've GOT to bring the bikes here in summer!'