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quote from uni lecture notes...

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by Androo, Mar 11, 2005.

  1. The following is an extract from lecture notes entitled "Mobile and Wireless Computing".

    - Handoff procedure: initiation phase and execution phase

    "... new BS larger then the current BS"

    - Mobile controlled handoff
    - Mobile assisted handoff

    - Hard Handoff
    - Soft Handoff
    - Backward Handoff
    - Forward Handoff

    oddly enough, the next chapter is called:

  2. The good old Unit days, when you could put your hand anywhere and on anyone and get away with it.

    Hell, that is why most of the GEEKY boys sat at the back of the lecture theatre, could not get their hands off of it.
  3. haha I dont wanna know what uni was like when u were there :p
  4. Androoooo.

    It was a party. What you had was....

    1. First few rows were the nerds and solcial try hards
    2. Next few rows were the jocks sitting with the girls. Trying to act tuff but struggling with learning since they were pretty stooopid
    3. The next row, us.... Social rejects with high levels of intelligence that played around but also studies
    4. The back row..... Never studied, always crammed at the last minute and barely passed each semester.

    And, infront, the Bloody wanker trying to teach us. So, my question is.... Which row has the biggest wanker/tool/tosser??????
  5. Sir Skuffy, sounds just like uni when I was there. Glad to see that like me, you were in the social reject row...:LOL:
  6. you forgot the coneheads who never even showed up because they were too stoned. And now head corporations and government departments. :p
  7. Good point Titus... Hear hear, Titus for Major.