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quote from my life is average

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Willzah, Oct 31, 2009.

  1. Yes, I think I'm going to waste a few hours of my life on that site.

  2. Today, while sitting at a stop light I saw a banana drive by on a motorcycle. Shortly after the banana drove by, an ape on a motorcycle drove by chasing the banana. I love Halloween. MLIA

    Today, while working at my gym we were having a halloween party for the kids in the daycare. As one of the managers I figured I'd dress up. My car is in the shop, so I had to ride my motorcycle dressed in a full Tigger costume all the way to work. MLIA.

    sigh i wish i was in america...that would be so funny to see
  3. :( All I saw on halloween was half the police wasteing time on the main street...
  4. All the people around me on halloween saw a fully fledged zombie catching a train and walking down George st.
  5. Brrraaaaiiiiiinnnnnssssssss
  6. Yesterday a group of kids at my high school dressed up as a biker gang for Halloween: leather jackets, mustaches, fake tattoos and all. They spent the day riding around the school on plastic tricycles. It made my life. MLIA
  7. We got refused entry to a few clubs because we weren't dressed up. It was my mates 21st, not some stupid American holiday.

    Although getting trashed in a pink stretch hummer was pretty cool.
  8. shoulda said u dressed up as undercover cops