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Quo's new pony

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Quo Vadas, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. What happpens when you wait in a bike store? You end up test riding and buying one of these ;)

    Took the Aprilia for a ride whilst waiting in a bike store when my partner was selling her TU250x and it blew my mind away. Feels kinda like the same size as the Daytona but wayyyy louder and of course, a tonne of grunt from the sublime V4 engine.

    The bike has Rizoma rear turn signals, fender eliminator, levers and a Graves exhaust has been fitted that growls, howls and spits little children out.

    Already taken it to Phillip Island and opened the bastard up as I've had the bike for a few weeks now..........mmmmmmm.

    Here are some pics and a sound clip for your pleasure is available on the link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/58775161@N07/?saved=1

  2. nice. very nice.
  3. ****ing hell does that ever sound angry! i want!
  4. I'm sure now that Aprilia stores have this in their sales manual.

    I was just hanging around a store with no intention of buying when I was offered a test ride on the shiver. They must have known I couldn't afford anything more.

    Big congrats - looks sensational
  5. ^^ Yes, it is VERY loud, much louder than my old Ducati and earplugs are required at all times.

  6. nice indeedee, where does the missus sleep now? lol
  7. Her tent is coming very handy of late 8-[

  8. lol just had a peek at the aprilla site, pulled up next to one this evening on the way home from work, wasnt you that flew up mt alexander rd bout 8:10ish?
  9. ^^ No, not me mate.
    If you want to take a peek at about 8 new Aprilias, come down to A1 Motorcycles in Brighton this Saturday for their demo test ride day.
    I'm working there and can show you around :)

  10. Nice looking bike dude..
  11. Very nice
  12. Nice, very nice. Very jealous.

    I couldn't ride it for shit, but it'd look nice in my shed. :)
  13. ^^ Now, now, don't be talking like that. Just like every bike you need to get used to it and bond. I have seen you ride at Broadford, zooming around :)

  14. Don't get me wrong, I'd have a crack at it but the majority of the performance would be wasted I reckon.
  15. Mate congrats. She sure is a looker!
  16. I'm so jelly.....my dream bike.

    We must ride together soon D, I will wear a bib due to the V4 exhaust note enduced drool I'll be suffering from lol.

    Hey, was just thinking.....have you ever owned an L4?? From the bikes I can remember you owning, this is your second V4 (rvf400 a while back), there's been a tripple, and a twin.... Would be classic if after all these awesome bikes, you've managed to avoid the most common sportsbike motor layout ;)
  17. Sweet Bike D :D ...

    Looks like mine .. but only in Black :p
  18. Mate, I'm down for a ride anytime - just hit me up. Would love to see your R1.

    I had a gixxer 750 a while ago so I really need to find myself a 2 stroke to say I have owned one of those.

  19. NICE! Seems like everyone is going for Aprillias. :)
  20. Gorgeous bike D :woot: