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Quo's new Italian steed.....

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Quo Vadas, May 29, 2011.

  1. Well, picked up a 2009 Ducati 848 yesterday and parted with the gixxer also.
    Took it for a big ride and the ergonomics are very different to that of every other bike I have ridden and the power/torque...........well that is another story.
    The sound of the lumpy v-twin is to die for and the exhuast note is wet panty material. Found riding it actually quite comfortable and I dropped a tooth in the front sprocket prior to buying it which made riding the streets much more easier than the standard gearing.
    I bought a steering dampener and wacked that on before I rode and it made a hell of a difference. The brembo brakes are outstanding and pull the bike up on a dime.
    The bike really is a dream to ride and I love everything about it. Once again, the torque on this thing is insane and it is truly a remarkable peice of machinery.

    The only downside to my day was that 2 cops approached me on foot whilst at a set of lights in the city and informed me that they were serving me with an EPA notice as the bike was too loud. I was coming out of a small alley and the sound was reverberating between the walls and the buildings........lovely stuff.

    Got on order a carbon hugger, front fender, heat shield, slipper clutch a maybe some rearsets.

    Anyway, enjoy the p0rn that follows........ :)



  2. stunning - all I can say
  3. Lovely machine Quo, Enjoy. :)
  4. noice, well done
  5. I had the pleasure of going for a ride today with Damian and his new ride, probably one of the most amazing sounding bikes i have ever heard, its just awesome.

    Hope to catch up again with you soon. :woot:
  6. Geez, what a beauty :)
  7. Hey James.

    Was a good ride and I'm a bit knackered now.

    Jump into the New members/welcome section and introduce yourself to all on Netrider cat's. It's the done thing around here :)

    Take care of your best now.................:angel:

  8. fair dinkum your cops sound like total wanks
  9. That is absolute sex on wheels mate, congrats!
  10. Yeah, and the funny thing is that they didn't stop the 2 guy's on Harleys about 4 car's in front of me. Their bikes sounded like a container going down a hill [-(
  11. flipping cops and flipping "epa notices" "too loud" bullshiiit.


    GORGEOUS! that thing is sex on wheels! do like a lot!
  12. so what steering dampener do you have?

    As per the noise, did you get the silencers with the termis?
    throw em in , or ask around i sure some one has a spae set of standards to put on get it over the pits.
  13. I'll wack the stock pipes back on and then investigate a bit more what has been done to my Termi's.

    Steering dampener is a Bitubo. About 18 clicks of adjustment and I got if for a 1/3 of the price of an Ohlins :)
  14. if you go to a local track , good chance they have a sound meter, you could use. may be worth while investigating

  15. shhhhhh im 1 of them :D
  16. Looks amazing man, I'd say you've made the right choice!
  17. WOW, it even makes white look good on a bike.
  18. Niiiiiice...I see you can't get away from single sided swing arms aye? I assume you prefer the 848 over the Gixxer?
  19. Im going to perv at the evo..

    Nice nice bloody nice ... but it must really suck living in mexico!! ;)
  20. Ooooooooooo....... *subscribed*

    More pics please!