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Quo's new 675

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Quo Vadas, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. So, here is my new love.
    Sold the Ducati 848 and picked up this 2008 Daytona 675.
    Pretty much brand new, the bike has been hardly ridden and is in the colour scheme that I have always wanted.
    Putting new DRC tyres, rearsets, fender elimnator and LED indicators soon.

    By far, this is the best bike I have ever ridden and owned. Light, fast and through the twisties and the track it is an absolute beast and feels like i'm riding a 400...............beautiful!!!


  2. Pretty
  3. (y) congrats. Looks awesome.
  4. -Drools- So purdy!

  5. better then the du cat tey?
  6. Is black is good.. I likey
  7. #8 Tigress, Feb 4, 2012
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    That is one hot bike, love the colour combo!!!
  8. I've seen this bike in the flesh. looks & sounds the absoulute tits!!
  9. Looks amazing! Great purchase
  10. son of a biatch that thing turns me on!
  11. Rode to Phillip Island and did a track day with Quo & Raven recently.
    Quo's Daytona, which I've seen in the flesh is one SEXY looking girl..

    The kind who whispers sweet naughty nothings in his ear, enticing him to pull on her corset and twist the throttle, engaging (yes, I did see him kick back a few times) in hormonal shocks of pleasure as she growled into the distance, leaving rubber marks everywhere as proof of his command of her ;)

    A seriously sexy beast indeed, and he rode it on the track 'like he stole her.... from a parlour of extra-curricular learning' :D
    Great ride mate...
    Black & Gold ? Iz nice !

  12. i love the black and gold for sure.
  13. black and gold, reminds me of the old John Player Lotus livery


  14. I like tits!! and yes agree with everyone's comments, very classy looking beastie..
    Would look better in my back yard tho lol , nice bike, huge congrats!! :)
  15. geez thats a nice looking bike!!! congrats mate :D
  16. Looks gorgeous mate, well done...............

    :-s Intriguing though..... you sold the 848?? I thought they were a pretty solid, and attractive bike.....8-[
  17. Omg after that review.... How do we get to ride this bike?
  18. Welcome to the 'tona club mate... they are a fun bike to ride. Love the colour!
  19. Mate nice pickup! Few tasty bits on there too. I have to ask though.... What the hell happened to the 848?