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Quo Vadas has a new pony.....

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Quo Vadas, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. Well, I test rode countless amounts of bikes over the past couple of months and today I finally took possesion of my new addition to the stable and oh, what a nasty little beast it is.

    GSX-R750 K9 with just 2000klms on it. Got it for an amazing price as the seller had to get rid of it fast and it's still under warranty with rego till next year. Not a mark on it and still in showroom condition.

    My beloved RVF400 left me yesterday and now I have a new pony in my stable and I couldn't be happier. The torque and power delivery on these bikes is just stupid and it's going to take me a fair while to get used to.The handling, ride and response is oh so sweet and riding a bigger, heavier bike feels good and it will also take some getting used to the extra kgs beneath my ass.
    I had wanted a Daytona 675 for so long but after riding one, the gixxer just suited me so much more and it felt more natural to ride.

    Just ordered some Spiegler braided lines and I put aRemus slip-on pipe today and it growls like an angry old man waiting for his soup. I've also got a Jardine GP slip-on that I'll try on too and see which one I like best. Think I also need some stomp grips too.

    Anyway, I'm giddy like a schoolgirl/boy and I look forward to taking the time to getting to know the new bike. God bless her.............:)

    Anyway,I'm off to hit Lygon Street in my Ed Hardy wifebeater and thongs....................



  2. cool bike qou
  3. Gorgeous bike mate ! Nice clean bike...erm..and in black ??!!! Tasteful mods too.
    I once had a K7 750...still miss it - Jardine GP1 slip on installed..love that pipe, though I'm sure the Remus will sound awesome as well.
    Congrats dude ! Hope to see you out on a ride soon.
  4. Nice bike mate. Looks awesome. I'm a big fan of the black. I noticed the fender elimination. Looks a lot like Nickers one did (does??) when the cops nabbed him tho. Hope you don't have the same issue.

    Look forward to hearing your thoughts about the ride etc as you progress with it.
  5. ^^ Thanks guys. I don't know the story about Nickers getting in trouble for the fender eliminator - please tell Nickers. It's well back on the bike and can be read easily. I know some guys have them stuck further in the bike and have the plate bent upwards. Didn't think mine would be a problem.
  6. https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=118735

    it's not about the visibility of the number plate, apparently, the fender MUST intersect at or after 45 deg on the back tyre. (draw a like from the centre of the back tyre 45 deg. If there is nothing over that area, then it's "illegal".)
  7. Quo Vadas,

    Check your PM mate.
  8. D nice pony. As minglis said it's not about the readability. The link above has all the info you need. There's road blocks on the Reefton targeting riders.
  9. Thanks for the heads up on the fender.
  10. Nice upgrade there Damian :D...I am hoping to upgrade to something similar or a VFR800.

    Lucky the weather has been nice for you to ride it today...have fun and ride safe mate :).
  11. Hey Phong.

    A VFR800 would be sweet............wouldn't mind one myself one day :)

    I spent all day cleaning and doing general maintanence checks on the bike. Just went for a little fang and still smiling.................yes!!
  12. Very nice. Hope you enjoy it
  13. Very nice, looks awesome with the new pipe.. Have fun.
  14. ^^ Thanks mate. :)