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Quitting Smoking.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Milos, Aug 10, 2005.

  1. Hey all,

    After smoking a packet a day for around 11 years i've given up smoking again, hopefully for the last time... again! :)

    I had my last cigarette around 6.15pm last night, just before I hopped on the bike to head home. I had 2 of the 4mg Nicorette chewys last night. On my second one today as I type this.

    With all other attempts that I've made this year I've tried to quit in the morning by not smoking and having a chewy as soon as I wake up. This was hard to time because I'd rarely be left with that one smoke before I'd go to bed.

    And when I was left with none it never worked; the chewy wouldn't hold off the craving enough so I'd just go to the milk bar and pick up another packet first thing in the morning.

    Yesterday when I had a few left during the day I thought I'd ration them out and try to stretch it till the end of the day. Didn't work. After getting home from work, ate a huge big dinner, had an ice cream to try and get rid of the taste of the last cigarette I had. Went to my room and started playing Grand Theft Auto and had one of the chewys. It held off the carvings time. It could be the chewys get more potent with age. I think this packet is over a year old by now, or it could be that running over and shooting people in the game helped too :)

    This morning was easier, I figured I've made too good a start to F it up now so that's keeping me motivated to not buy a packet. The only problem is that I have this almost uncontrollable urge to bang my head against the desk and there are too many people in the office right now so I cant see if that makes me feel any better.

    As far as New Years resolutions go, I've left this one a bit late, but if I manage to stay off them I'll be saving approximately $1330 till the new year. Plus a better set of lungs too! Something to think about if you've been putting it off aswell.

  2. As a not-ever smoker, I'm with you in spirit, milos. A lot of the argument about smoking centres on health, but you'd hit the nail on the head about COST! What will $1330 buy you this time next year. Hang in there mate, soon you'll be able to eat ice-cream for the TASTE, not just to cover the tatse of something else. POWER TO YOU!!!
  3. Goodluck with it dude!

    I've tried to quit a few times, I actually went a week without them but caved in lastnight and bought a pack on my way home :oops: But its ionly a pack of 20's so I'll try and not buy anymore after this one, I was justa little stressed.

    Try the nicotine paches man! I found they work pretty well and you dont have to chew that gross gum, the gum makes me wanna spew!

    Anyways, goodluck! You can do!
  4. maybe we need a Netrider QUIT support network? Anything that will help you folk get off the weed has got to be good surely; I mean have you ever met ANYone who genuinely enjoyed smoking?
  5. Fixed and I quit smoking on the 16th of January this year. In spite of some people (even here!) doubting that we'd be able to do it, it's 7 months next week since either of us had a smoke. This is not to say there haven't been some *really* hard days (especially as I live with 2 and a half smokers :shock: ). The first three months are probably the hardest, then all of a sudden you'll realise one day that you haven't thought about having a smoke for weeks! I had to stop socialising for a while as temptation is always greater when around bad influences :p

    Good luck and be strong!

    :D :D :D
  6. I do, or i wouldn't do it. I have stopped twice for a week just to prove i could, at the moment i'd have 2-4 packs a week.
  7. Thanks guys!

    I figure the money saved will buy me a nice holiday over the new year, or a Power Commander and new pipes for the bike! :)

    Good luck aswell Paulie. I don't mind the taste of the chewys too much. And long as I don't chew them as fast as a normal chewy they're not that bad.

    And congratulations Lil, giving it up while living with 2 smokers is something I don't think i would have been able to do. That's one of the reasons why I moved in with Gran. To get away from tempation :)
  8. Milos, congrats on the good start.... although you have worked out what you will save over a long term, something that might help during the short term is every week/2 weeks go buy a new dvd, or every couple of months buy a new game. Just a reward to yourself for staying of them

    cheers stewy
  9. Psychologists say that habits are formed and broken in approximately 21 days (that's why rehab is normally 28 days) Therefore, if you stay away from the smokes for that period of time you have essentially broken the habit.

    I gave up smoking cold turkey about twelve years ago, no gum, no patches, didn't put on weight. I found it necessary to do something with my time, so I didn't give myself the opportunity to do things like sit in front of the computer/internet/tv, where I could just grab a smoke.

    I don't miss it in terms of lack of fitness, smelly clothes, stinging eyes, disappearing money but hardly a day goes by where I don't think, I could do with a cigarette. The hardest thing to resist I find is the exhale from the first drag if someone lights up beside me. I was talking to my mum about this and she hasn't smoked for nigh on 25 years and she still has that same feeling.

    Hang in there though, with each passing day it gets easier. Remember the 21 days is the significant milestone if you can get passed that you are almost home and hosed.
  10. Good luck Milos. :)

    I have tried numerous times to give up and always cave in. lol!! Living with another smoker doesn't help that's for sure. I have tried patches - they are good but they irritate my skin and the gum tastes awful . I do hope to give up one day!!

    :D :D

    PS. Well done Lil & Dave \:D/
    PPS. Roll on 5pm - I'm soooooo bored :roll:
  11. I cant give up smoking . I haven't thought of anything else to do after sex.
  12. So you'll be right to give up after you get married then? :LOL:
  13. Good luck Milos. My old man has just decided to quit after 35 years. Started on patches last week.

    Needless to say, we don't talk much at the moment. It's better described as yelling :p
  14. This from a not-ever smoker, but an observer of human behaviour, so grain-of-salt, please.
    My observation is that smoking has a lot to do with having something to do with your hands, esp first thing in the morning, or after a meal, or when socialising.
    sooo..... buy a PDA and when you feel like smoking, play a game instead. Don't go outside when the others do for a smoke break; take a bag of fruit with you to work and munch an apple or something instead.
    First thing in the morning, whatever your normal habit has been, don't reach for the cigarettes, have a hearty breakfast instead; better for you in other ways.
    And ignore Dave's flippant comment; if the number of cigarettes he had wass dependent on the number of, well, never mind :LOL:
    (Just kidding pal) 8)
  15. hornet, you've clearly never been addicted to anything :LOL:
  16. That's not quite true, as my number of posts will attest!!!
  17. touche....
  18. I can give it up ANY TIME I LIKE!!!
  19. I have never started smoking. I tried it once, but it was terrible. My entire immediate family smokes. The majority of my friends don't though, which is good. Most of them have the same views I have about it. Anyone who wants to smoke, can smoke. That's cool with me. I got no problem with that. Just make sure that if you're gunna spark up around me, there's a window or something you can open. Common courtesy :)

    Which, I find these days, is getting a lot better. I can honestly say that smokers are now considering others a lot more than they used to.
  20. Good luck Milos!

    I've been a fairly hard core smoker for the last nearly 20 years *gasp* even thinking about that makes me sick. Had a few attempts to quit, none sucessful thus far.

    I've been backing off lately and will be quitting soon, but here's one thing I've found that you might find useful. Hornet touched on this too I think. When the cravings hit, keep yourself busy doing stuff you cant smoke while you're doing. Eg, getting your hands wet/dirty cleaning/painting/fixing something.

    Whenever I'm tryin to quit, I've got the cleanest house in the street!