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Quitting smoking - any hints or tips?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by QuarterWit, May 17, 2009.

  1. Well, lasted six days this time.

    I've been smoking a pack a day for the last five years, and have decided I've quit. The girlfriend who has quit is now shitty at me, and I've started to realise that it stinks and I spend over $3500.00 a year on Winfield Reds.

    I smoke first thing in the morning when getting up, when I'm sick, in the pouring rain - nothing seems to stop me.

    Decided last week if I quit, I'd get myself a Scrambler or something ridiculous like that. Lasted six days using the gum, which isn't as fowl tasting as what it used to be. Also bought shitloads of fruit, so I wouldn't be snacking on absolute shit when I felt the need to.

    Anyway, so instead of climbing up the walls craving a cigarette I'm now really, really shitty at myself for not staying quit.

    I'm sure there'd be some smokers here - and people have quit after smoking a lot more than I do, and for a lot longer. What did you use? What was the moment that pushed you into quitting?
  2. If I understand your post correctly, you weren't getting cravings?

    If that's the case, what made you start again?

    BTW, it's not unusual to quit and start up again several times before quitting successfully.
  3. Get to your local GP and has for a prescription of Champix. Take 2 tablets a day and within 2 weeks you will have stopped completely. Youre supposed to keep smoking whilst taking them for the first two weeks but in that time you will either cut down dramatically or have completely stopped. Makes sure you do the whole 3 month course tho.

    I went from a pack and ahalf a day and with this drug, i stopped completely for about 3 months. I didnt finish the full course tho and over time, got back on the ciggies.

    They do work tho, just make sure you do the full treatment course. costs about $60 all up i think. Its gov subsidised.

    Good luck dude
  4. +1
    Although I had greater success with Zyban.

    PS: neither worked in the end, I am still smoking :cry:
  5. some several yrs ago my dad quit after 20 odd yrs.

    i remember him with these on and off:


    good luck. filthy habit.
  6. ...as a mate of mine said to me when diagnosed with lung cancer...
    "you know, I paid a lot of money to get this sick"...he passed away not long afterwards. He was 43.

    BTW..Mrs 2up and I were both BIG smokers. We went through about $600 a month in cigs. We both gave up several years ago (cold turkey btw) and now we can afford to holiday in Bali twice a year...and we feel great.
    As a reformed smoker let me say this.....smoking is the most useless thing a human can do....next to standing in front of a train...but then again, that would be a quick death.
  7. Here's some advice that I have seen work for others, based on long observation of the smoking habit.

    I have observed that smoking has a lot to do with having something to do with your hands. No, really; think about it. When you get up in the morning, you have nothing specific to do with your hands, so you reach for a cigarette. Observe this phenomenon over a day and see if I'm right. If you had something useful to do that involved using BOTH you hands, you wouldn't be ABLE to hold a cigarette too.

    So, take up model-building, for example. Peel yourself an orange first thing in the morning, and take your time eating it, using both hands. Spread that concept and practice over the rest of your day; don't give your hands a chance to reach out for the pack and the lighter, even if your brain says it wants a cigarette. Tell your brain that it ought to be concentrating on the task in hand and that you don't have TIME to smoke......
  8. I gave up smoking when I was about 21. I'd been smoking half a pack a day since I was 15.

    I'd tried many things to give up. Patches, gum, cold turkey. None of them worked because my commitment wasn't there. I really didn't want to give up, I just felt like I should.

    There were two things that worked for me: sport, and replacing the habit. I found that the nicotine didn't have me as hard as the habit. Smoking while driving, smoking in the morning, evening, on smoko. I had a replace it. I replaced it with coffee, which isn't nearly as addictive and is not really that bad for you. Chuppa chupps (like another guy suggested) could work. Driving was the hardest. That took a lot of willpower.

    The other, really important part, was discovering the will to actually quit rather than just feeling like I should. Within a couple of months of starting martial arts I felt that smoking was holding me back. I started off cutting down, and then got to the point where I had essentially quit. I fell off the wagon a couple of times - within a month of quitting, I had a bad weekend. The important thing is to just keep quitting, and stay quit.

    The desire to smoke never really goes away, it just reduces. In 2005 I had around four cigarettes (while drinking), three in 2006, and I haven't had any since then.
  9. The most important thing is " that you have to want to quit " - if you are not ready to give up then no system will work.

    Have you tried hypnosis ? - this is the best and only succesfull method I have found - worked on me beautifully -cost about $120.00 for 1 session and that was it.
  10. +1

    i quitted twice. at first was because of the pictures and subsequently marlboro light changed its filter and taste (taste sux) - last for a good two years.
  11. My girlfriend has used this and she told me that after a couple of weeks on this, if you have a cigarette the pleasure of having one is not there. She didn't take the full course because we went on a cruise together and then picked up the bad habit again from the non-stop 2 week party in the south-pacific :roll:

    ......and it's subsidised the first time 'round so it's fairly cheap.

    Should add that it does have side effects. Some people don't notice anything but my partner had horrible nightmares, probably the real reason why she didn't finish the full course of Champix.
  12. Champix worked for me after almost 18 yrs of being a proud smoker. I've tried patches, gum, willpower, hypnotherapy, homeopathy, acupuncture & nothing stuck... Champix & the fact I was well & truly over smoking & committed to changing my ways worked :grin:

    There r a variety of side effects, so google these & b mindful regardless of which medication ur on. Remind urself that if u choose this method it can & will b a challenge for a little while, but set short term goals to assist u through. (aka, change lifestyle habits to etc..)

    Commitment to not accepting failure kept me going & was key. Find out what works for u & b as honest as u can about why u want to make changes, then plan & execute.

    The biggest hurdle in my personal opinion that stops a smoker from being a non-smoker is Fear - find out where this lies & kill it for good.

    Good luck, I truly hope u succeed as there is so much to gain & absolutely no loss whatsoever!

    EDIT: I've been smoke free for over 6mths now. I had nausea & was an absolute biatch to live with for 6 wks (so was sig other so yes we almost killed each other, but short term pain was worth the long term gain!)
  13. First time I quit for a couple of years. Then, convinced I could "handle it", I started smoking half a cigar after dinner at night. You know the rest .......

    Then I quit again, almost 8 years ago now. I wanted a new target rifle and Dearly Beloved said if I gave up smoking she would buy it for me. I did and she did. :grin:

    I'd been smoking near-on 40 years, up to 70 Winston a day at my peak :roll: . I'd cut it back to about a dozen a day by the time I quit.

    I went on the 24-hour patches. I found I used a cigarette when I wanted to think. Like, if I was working on the computer, doing some writing, say, and wanted to think something through, I'd automatically go outside for a smoke. That was hard to break. I also stopped going outside for tea breaks, so I couldn't smoke at work, too. I found three weeks was the turning point -- after that, I went for long stretches where I didn't even think about a cigarette.

    As some else said, the sudden thought, "Gee, I'd love a smoke" never entirely goes away -- but it's no longer compelling in any way. And air travel is no longer the climb-the-walls ordeal it used to be!

    Have I been tempted to start again?

    Nah -- I think the triple cardiac bypass five years ago sort of put me off a bit! :-w
  14. My dad's close to finishing the Champix program.

    It had got to the stage where he would light up a cigarette, finish half of it and decide it really wasn't that nice, so he'd put it out and save it for later.

    Then he'd light it up again and wonder why he did it.

    He's been smoking for 40 years, hopefully this will be his last.
  15. if u go down the champix route, stay away from smokers, and the biggest killer, dont drink and socialise for a while, youll be right after a few months
  16. I used to smoke when at school. I stopped by replacing the habit thankfully I was 15 at the time had been smoking for 3 years.

    I stated chewing gum when I needed a smoke.
    I know with you being in a call centre the chewing wont work to well. Just try to find something to do anywhere when you need a smoke so it will take your mind off it.

    I was lucky being 15 at the time... Need to smoke oh p0rn!!!
  17. That's like saying the only reason people wank is because they have nothing else to do with their hands. :roll: I washed my bike today, using both hands and smoked a cigarette while I was doing it.... Hell, I've even had a wank while smoking in times gone by....... :roll: Much like servicing my bike, mowing the lawn or picking fruit, I can be sure that occupying my hands will not stop my desire to have a cigarette. My mind boggles as to why anyone would put forth an idea as stupid as the theory you've posed in this thread.... I can only assume it's because you don't smoke. :wink:

    They said it perfectly in "Trainspotting". People take drugs cause it feels good... It's that simple. :wink:

    Quite frankly, stuffing about with tiny bits of plastic making models would take me from a 10-15 a day smoker to a 500-800 a day smoker in no time. :)
  18. bwaaaaaaaa multi tasked u are
  19. Some people say to not socialise or drink or whatever when quitting smoking. I dont agree with that. Whats the first thing a smoker does at the slightest hint of boredom? He lights up.

    Thats the good thing about champix. Youre supposed to keep smoking at the start so you can continue about your life as you would any other day. Still have your smoke in the morning, during breaks at work etc etc. But after a while, you get less and less enjoyment from each smoke and it gets to the point where you just dont even think to have one. Then after not having one for a while, say 3-4 days, youll light up, have a drag and turf it. You wont enjoy it.

    Beware of side affects of champix tho. I got horrible stomache cramps for a while. Only in the morning though. You MUST eat something before you take a tablet. I know they say that about pretty much any drug out there but trust me, the cramps i got werent fun and eating beforehand definitely helped.
  20. Grab some patches (don't wear them to bed), stop being a pussy and take control of your life again. I did it, so anyone can...