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Quit my job.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by darklightBoy, May 30, 2008.

  1. Handed the HR manager my resignation this week. Why? Because I'm buying myself a one-way ticket on the Spirit of Tasmania. Yup, amazingly I am leaving these wonderful roads and the beauty that is my home state to spend a couple of years living in the over-policed, smog-covered hole of Melbourne.

    :? WTF am I doing? :p

    Before the end of July I shall have packed a bag (or three) on the bike and I'll find myself a temporary north island resident for a year or two. A new adventure beckons. Look out Victoria, here I come!
  2. welcome to Australia......don't forget to pack your passport you will need it to get in here :p
  3. Good on ya! I came from Tassie for a visit and 8 years later, well... :)

    Hope it all goes well for you.
  4. Good luck with it all.

    I'm doing the same thing, leaving my job very soon, house is on the market and moving to the sunshine coast.
  5. Have you gone NUTS ???? :?
    :LOL: Good Luck !
  6. You're crazy! I've been thinking about moving down there actually, but there doesn't seem to be many work opportunities.

    Enjoy your time in Vic, hope you like it more than i do!
  7. +1 to what QW said. take it from someone that did exactly what you are doing, you're making a mistake. this place is a freakin hole compared to tassie.

    saying that, looking forward to seeing another 2-header at monday night coffee, always need the moral support.
  8. That's all we need, another unemployed biker.............. :LOL:
  9. Lol thanks guys....I think... :grin:

    Stewy, you were definitely off the mark quick, I was waiting for a comment like that. I reckon it's one of those "the grass is always greener" cases. Tassie's great, but I need to at least have a basis for comparison, so a couple of years on the north island to confirm it will be good.
  10. If you need any help with the language, just PM me, i am happy to help you. I also know of a good surgeon to remove any unwanted heads.
    BTW, you would be far better off commuting through victoria and in to NSW where the fuzz gives you at least a little breathing space.
  11. Thats if you wanna speak Mogoian. :grin:

  12. shuuudddduuuuppppp!!!! :rofl:
  13. Coming from a self-confessed bogan, I think I'll keep my language skills above that of high school standard. :LOL:
  14. North Island. :LOL:

    Don't stay in VIC. Come on up to NSW or your IQ will be permanently lowered. Don't make the mistake of going too far and hitting QLD though - they make the Victorians seem intelligent.

  15. why would you want to live in that 2nd rate state??
  16. Why Melbourne? Well basically because it's a big world out there for a little backwater Tasmanian redneck like myself, :p but really because I know Melbourne and I know a bunch of people up there - as compared to Brisbane or Sydney, where I know, well, nobody.

    Either way the date is set. 21st is my last day as a Tasmanian resident. 40 days to go...
  17. Ah Melbourne, Tram tracks in Winter. ;) Welcome to the second best motorcycling state after Tasmania. Those Northern climes are merely poor imitations of the real thing.