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Quirky helmet concept

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Victriple, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. Came across this whilst reading through the news etc, thought a few in here might be interested.

    Looks like a pretty nifty idea to me, here is hoping it is a well finished product.



  2. I much prefer my version...

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  3. You're an ideas man.
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  4. would you do a red and blue one for me:angel:
  5. talking of easy rider, how about hayden's helmet at laguna?!!! (google it)
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  6. Soo it's just a couple extra signals? Seems like this would only help if the cage was already wedged up your tailpipe and thus couldn't see your regular signals
  7. Maybe not such a bad thing, sort of akin to brake lights in the rear window of cars, certainly stand out better than fender lights particularly when looking ahead (not meant o be a pun)
  8. Think this is mind blowing, imagine adding that new patent going around where they have the mirror on the back of the helmet to see behind you. I get a feeling then next couple of years are going to give manufacturers some nifty new helmets.
  9. That's what I think, nice to have the brake lights up nice and high, more likely to be in the field of vision of people behind you (assuming their not looking at their phone of course).
  10. ..................

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  12. Would it be legal here? I (very) vaguely remember there are regulations concerning how high stoplights/indicators can be from the ground.
  13. It shouldn't be, people on pedal powered bicycles are allowed to slap whatever the **** they want to their bikes for the sake of safety and illumination.
  14. Okay, guys, so who is going to be the first one brave enough to go for a ride with their mates wearing one of these.

    Fess up now..... :-s


  15. its legal if incorporated as a permanent fixture of the helmet because its then defined as something other than a light
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  16. Funny that, I noticed the other day that in an urban area with lots of lights in the background that it was actually harder to notice a bicycle with a light on the riders helmet and no light (or reflector) on the rear. The higher light blended into the shop fronts and overhead lights.