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Quietening VStar 650 Vance & Hines Cruzers

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by coeus, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. Rode a VStar 650 with some V&H Cruzer pipes on it. Absolutely loved it. Thinking of putting some one mine.

    My only issue might be with their volume. Is it possible to change the baffles in them to kill some of the noise, but obviously not all !?

    Thank you

  2. Ok, Im confused...Isnt that why u have the V n H pipes on to begin with???

    I have these pipes on my 650 vstar and i LURRRVE em.
  3. They sound a bit loud for the first few minutes but after that you'l luv'm. No way I'd quiet mine down, plus the safety factor of being heard by car drivers.
  4. Here you go bro. Bought a pair of these for my V&H Cruzers as their decibel level actually hurts my ears (maybe just more sensitive to it). Haven't actually managed to install them yet as I have put off buyign a drill.

    They're good quality though.
  5. Just a follow up. Those baffles have been fitted, they make a brilliant difference. The harsh tone of the V&H Cruzers is gone, but the deep, loud, 'lub dub' sound of a big bike is still there. I'm still definitely heard by car drivers.

    She still roars nicely, but without the tones that mess with your hearing. Highly recommend these.
  6. Good on ya Tubbsy sounds like you'v done the right thing.
    Next time I'm going thru Seedney I'l have a listen lol
  7. For sure mate. I don't think a youtube vid would do it justice.
    Oh yeh, no noticeable power difference either.