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Quietening a muffler

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by 6ixxer, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. I have a 250cc Suzuki Across that I bought with an aftermarket muffler already fitted (as shown in avatar).

    It has a plate that says it is 93db, but my arse it is. A random rider on an SV1000 pulled up next to me and told me its f***n loud and so have my other mates who i ride with.

    Its about 2" straight through with a perforated core but don't know how effective that is. That is much larger internal diameter than mufflers i've seen on similar bikes (their perforated core was only about 1" diameter)

    I find myself puttering around in lower RPMs so as not to attract police, and deafen other motorists and pedestrians. I'd like to use the whole RPM range as normal, rather than just the occasional rip when i'm confident the fuzz aren't close by... and in tunnels :twisted:

    :?: I'd like to know if I can get a slip in silencer made and if anyone has suggested places.

    :idea: I suppose it could mess up my tuning so any advice appreciated (so long as your not passing off hearsay as actual experience)

  2. Oh, and please don't just say "buy a new muffler"

    I'm keeping that as my plan B.
  3. hmmm,

    are you thinking something along the lines of getting someone to make a solid "sheet" you could put over the "perforated core"? Sounds like it would work in theory.

    Good luck, hope you get it sorted.
  4. option a: repack your muffler, or reverse baffelectomy add more baffles!

    option b: buy a db killer and shape the bastard to fit

    option c: ear plugs, sorry office i couldnt give a rats a$$

    option d: go to a wreckers and get a 2nd hand exhaust for the internals and fit them to yours.

    in anycase you will lose the sound you love.
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  6. any suppliers in Oz?
  7. oooh yeah I guess most dealerships should have a slip in db silencer it all depends on the opening diameter in your exhaust... they arent that hard to have made either.

    yep that stain tune is almost exactly what i saw a decent fabricator could make one just ring and ask.
  8. MCA in parramatta says they have staintune brand slip in baffles for about $35 and can probably find one that fits.

    Will check em out on Saturday and post up if I have any success.

    I'm happy to spend $35 on a removable solution so I can change the DB to be higher or lower whenever I feel.

    Cheers for the help ward.
  9. plus on the weekend in the hills you can pop in some earplugs and pop out the db killer...
  10. I recently made a Stainless Steel muffler for my GSX1100 which is straight through with a perforated mesh and i packed it with Pink Batts insulation.

    Sound stupid but its fire proof and it worked a treat.
  11. Had a muffler once that the ability to repack with fibreglass. When removed the baffle from the rear, I found there was very little fibreglass left. After repacking (the glass for this purpose is available from motorcycle shops) it quietened it down nicely.
  12. the muffler body is an aluminium cylinder and stainless front and back ends held on with 3-4 rivets so I could drill em out and repack I think.

    I was under the impression that they normally had a layer of stainless wool around the perforated tube then fibreglass or more stainless.

    is there a tutorial on her about repacking mufflers?
  13. GOOGLE its your friend...
  14. a friend had the same problem with his bike... He asked at his local bike mechanics and the mechanic installed something which he referred to as a "snuffler"... little insert which narrows the exhaust exit hole. It was awesome in that it kept the exact same tone and note, but just reduced the volume.
    ... oh and his bike doesn't backfire/cough/splutter when he's beneath 3000 rpm now (it used to sound like a miniature-cranky WRX subaru or something!)
    cost him $30 installed, and he can rip it out whenever he wishes (why he'd do this perplexes me).
  15. I had the same issue with the mufflers I bought for my Duke, way too loud. I bought the exact same db killers as youre picture from Eurobrit Motorbikes
    5/10 Simms Road
    VIC 3088
    (03) 9432 6886

    or try any bike shop who sells Staintune products.

    I had to buy two for $50. Just match up the diameter of the inside of your pipe with the db killers, if there is a gap, you can use exhaust gap filler for a snug fit or some thin metal sheeting. Anyway, they are removable and come with a screw. Good luck.