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quiet spacious places to practise riding in the inner city?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by madarse, Sep 9, 2008.

  1. Hey all

    A general "thanks!" for all the great stories and tips I've picked up from this forum over the last few months.

    I'm new to riding (Ls since July) and I have a friend who's also keen to have a try on the bike to see if she likes it enough to get her Ls too. I can ride wherever to find a quiet spot to practice (Coburg drive-in during the day worked great for me!) but she's limited to public transport so can anyone suggest somewhere car parkish in the inner city which would be deserted on a weekend? She lives in Collingwood so I was thinking around the CUB in Abbotsford might work if someone doesn't chase us off.
  2. spacious and innercity in the same sentence is an oxymoron :p

    and may i suggest not letting your mate ride if she is unlicenced. = uninsured, completely unexperience, blah blah. not the smartest move IMO, but up to you.
  3. tell your friend to get out to HART and give one of their intro/try it out sessions a go. Far Safer.

    HART webby was playing up when I posted this.... Hope it gets sorted out.
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  5. Is she hot? If she is, I'm sure someone would be keen to give her a lift :)
  6. Thanks for the youtube Kranzy. As soon as I saw that guy hop on the bike wearing a long sleeve t-shirt I closed the window. I don't need to see blood before I've even had my second coffee for the day :eek:hno:

    I don't think I'd like to to let her really ride around - just sit on the bike, feel the clutch point, go a few metres - afterall - this is my bike we're talking about here! I have no desire to see it dropped. Taking that into consideration, probably a driveway would do. But yes - if she's serious she'll be encouraged to go to HART which is where I got my license. The first time I got on a bike I was competent enough to do some slow laps of a car park and it really freaked me out to just do 30kph :roll:
  7. madarse, IIRC they have... FREE sessions you can go to and sit on a bike, be told how to ride a bike etc. It's what your proposing to do, but far safer. ring HART, remember if your bike falls over with her on it, even sitting still, you may have fun getting insurance to pay, and if it hurts her, well I would say she could probably take a fair pennance out of your butt.

    Let her use someone elses bike.
  8. The L platers night out is probably more sutable for L platers :wink:
  9. Don't do this, she *will* crash your bike! (ok, ok, she *very likely* will)

    While proper training experiences are different, the classic first ride for many people I know is on a friend's bike: stall, stall, extra revs and let the clutch out too quickly, panic and forget there's a brake, and go for a wild ride into the fence/wall/car/trailor(-Mum). I almost ran Grandma down and plowed Mum's vegetable garden in one go!

    Bad idea in the city!
  10. I'm with the "don't do it!" crowd. I've seen a bike dropped from a standstill when the clutch was let out too suddenly. The panic reaction meant that the throttle was pulled on, and then they tried to hold the bike up with their right hand and things went downhill very rapidly. All of this happened without even trying to get the thing moving.

    The HART bikes have crash bars fitted, so if you drop it there is no issue.
  11. Wrong... There is 'No issue' regardless... It's not YOUR bike :p
  12. Well thanks to (eventually) watching that video and the availability of better alternatives I've decided to ask my friend to go to HART instead. The only session she can do without doing a license session is the riding simulator in front of the computer for an hour... is there still a "intro/try it out session" or is this something they used to do pre-simulators?
  13. So if I drop your bike it's OK, 'cos it's not MY bike?
  14. Re: quiet spacious places to practise riding in the inner ci

    CUB has full time security so probably not the best spot.

    Check out the Dale St (off Church St) / Hargreaves St, Richmond. It has a car park out back and *should* be deserted on weekends. Plenty of space too.
  15. Does she likes bikes generally ?
    get her behind your bike and take her for trips, if she enjoys them, she wud enjoy to ride the bike on her own too.
    has she any previous experience with bicycles ?
    if she does, it ll be easier for to learn how to ride a motorbike.
    if she is okaye with all these, is she willing to invest on a basic second hand motorbike ?

    if she does, ask her to get the bike and license and am sure there will be someone who can teach her how to ride the bike. even am willing to teach her how to ride....its just people dont like the idea of seeing their bike being crashed by some1 else.....unless they are closely related to each other.

    if the interest exists, it doesn't take long to learn how to ride....heck you can even learn how to ride a bike in 1 night. then eventually improve your skills...

    and that link for the L platers night out was for u, if u wud like to come along with us for rides...check the link to know more about the nature of the event.
  16. Ok;
    1, D!ckhead, they;re designed for it.

    2, yeah, that's fine. as long as your @sshole fits a fireblade's rear tyre in comfortably
  17. Yeah - that's what I thought.

    Not so funny when it's your bike, is it?
  18. Seriously, are you retarded?

    it's HART, the bikes are there for people that have NEVER riden a bike, crash bars or not, it makes no difference. it's not YOUR bike, it's not MY my bike, it's there with the expectation of being dropped. If I thought somebody could possibly drop mine they wouldn't be on it.

    You're just a F@rkw!t retard looking to stir shit. I'm done talking to a w@nker child like you. My time is worth more than you.
  19. See now you just look silly.

    Well done.