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Quiet place with nice scenery background (Sydney)

Discussion in 'Bikes' started by lui, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. I'm looking for somewhere quiet in Sydney with a good view to take some decent photos of my bike. Somewhere not many people walking around or traffic going on, preferably not on the side of the road. I've been to some parks but there are lots of rubbish here and there, then there are power poles and other distracting objects, hard to find a clean shot.

    I may take my tripod along, it's a 3 section tripod so it's too long to fit into a bag, which means will have to use the shoulder strap. That would limit the range of travel so prefer to stay within the metro area.

    Please list some suggestions. Cheers!
  2. Lane Cove national park, Bobbin Head park, Ku Ring Gai national park, any national park should be what your looking for
  3. Hunters Hill has some great spots
  4. Isn't there a great spot near Luna Park where you can usually find a spot to park with the bridge in the background?
  5. Guess it depends on what sort of nice scenery you are after. I have heard of people taking shots from Mrs Maquarie's Chair at night and have nice harbour bridge and opera house background.
    Here is one I took out the front of Acer Arena
  6. Nice! Did you use a tripod?
  7. here :) absolutely beautiful!!!!!! go slowly, there's a great point under the bridge, so when you go, don't go lunch time on the weekend!

    Cunninghams Reach Park - you come down heading towards Gladesville, away from Lane Cove, and there's a tiny road - easy to miss - it's one way, but there is a sign for it basically showing it does a loop. I think on the sign it's called "Loop Road".

    Not been there in a while though.

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  8. That's nice! Is the light still there? I may have to check it out.
  9. Any other ideas for good spots?
  10. why? :)