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QUIET aftermarket exhaust for GSX 650f

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by friction, May 31, 2010.

  1. Yesterday I put a deposit down for a 2008 Suzuki gsx 650f, which is an awesome looking bike with a bit of a milo tin sized exhaust.

    I was thinking of replacing it with something less enourmous, but i'm a bit odd and I LIKE quiet bikes. Especially on long rides. Buy all the slip on exhausts advertise 'maximising exhaust volume'! Any thoughts?

  2. I have just purchased the same bike, and I am currently waiting for it to be transported from brisbane to Melbourne. I too am looking at exhausts, as I don't like the standard exhaust, it is so huge.

    At this stage I am looking very closely at the Yoshimura TRC Carbon Fibre slip on. The bike I have purchased is black, so I think it would look good with the carbon fibre. From what I have read, it is not all that noisy with the removable silencer installed. I more want it for the looks and a little bit nicer sound, rather than just to have a loud exhaust. I am not too sure how it compares to the standard exhaust though, even with the silencer in.
  3. Just make sure you buy the can with a baffle fitted or a fitable baffle.
  4. In my experience Yoshimura slipons are not much louder than standard pipes until the revs get right up there then they develop a wail.

    Staintune do a range of pipes with removable baffles and those are pretty quiet with the baffles in as a rule.
  5. If you don't mind me asking, what year, how much did you pay and does it have any scratches on the paintwork?
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  7. Ask them how loud it is and whether it comes with a removal baffle...
  8. According to the Yoshimura site

    So if it's new it should come with the insert already in there (my R55 did).

  9. Congrats on your new bikes guys ...I've had mine over 2 years .

    See the ..bike gear wharehouse website for the yoshi pipes ,they are local so you do the math with prices here then shipping from OS.

    I know a few guys that have not likes the yoshi as its too loud for long days in the saddle .

    Check on the gsx650f.biz forum ,lots of owners with reviews and ,check youtube for sound clips ,not that its easy to let which one is best.
    Or stay stock like me ......I love the cannon pipe.
  10. Mine is a 2008 model, in black. Doesn't seem to have any scratches that I could see on the paint work. A few marks on the tank from the riders legs on either side, but they polish out. I am used to these as my last bike was black and used to get the same sort of makrs.

    I paid $7200 and it has done just under 8000km. All I need to do is wait for another 8 days until it gets here, get a RWC done and the register it.
  11. Good deal :) How much to have it brought down from interstate?
  12. To move it from Brisbane to Melbourne is $440, and that is fully insured. Worst part is that it is taking longer than I was first told (not the carriers fault, dealer didn't book soon enough I think), so it should be here next Wednesday, but thats life I guess. I would love to have it here sooner, but its not to be.
    When I flew up to Brisbane and rode the bike it seemed to ride really nice, nice gear shifts, nice an smooth, etc. I guess time will tell, I hope in the coming months I only get to love it more :)
  13. OK well I've spoken to MegaCycle, having done some research on the forums and people only saying nice things about Ken.

    His suggestion was a 41mm core (a little smaller than your usual performance pipe), with a baffle, in my choice of circular or oval, in my choice of chrome, black or carbon fiber - varying in price from $550 to $650 fitted.

    It doesn't look quite as cool as a Yoshimura R-77, and they're about the same price (from eBay), but I think it's fair to say that the MegaCycle will be quite a bit quieter?
  14. I test rode a GSX650F that had a Meagcycle pipe on it. It sounded pretty nice. I am not sure if it had the beffle in it or not (didn't ride it for long). Sounded quite nice, without being really loud or anything, so it seemed pretty good.

    my own personal preference is for the Yoshimura TRC as I like the shape of it a bit more than then shape of the R77. Only personal preference though. Here is a link to them at Bike Gear Warehouse. If/when I end up wanting one, I will most likely look at buying form the US for the saving.

  15. They were cheaper a few months back ,like $500.
    Guess the Aussie dollar isn't helping.
  16. I also emailed ScreamingDemon.com.au, when I noticed that the 650F wasn't listed as a compatible bike on their site. I got a reply from Shane, who said that not only is "Carbon Xtrem New" available for the 650F, but that it comes with a removable BAFFLE (as opposed to the "low volume insert" of Yoshimura) which reduces the sound to an "acceptable legal limit", and costs $499 inc, including delivery to Australia.

    He also attached a pic which I can't find anywhere on the website, so I'll find some way to attach it here and link it. How do I do that anyone?
  17. Apparently that's attached.

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  18. That's not a bad looking unit, and an excellent price.

    I am assuming that it comes with the connecting pipe, brackets, etc?

    I would think that the removable baffle and low volume insert would pretty much do the same thing wouldn't they?

    That unit would look awesome with no sticker on it at all.
  19. I think a baffle is this:


    And I would (presume) that it does more than this:


    But really I have no idea!
  20. Well, I ended up getting the IXIL Euroline Oval 470mm in Black - which oddly enough isn't featured on either the manufacturers website (www.ixil.com) or the Australian distributor (www.screamingdemon.com.au).

    According to the websites, the Euroline Ovals in 470mm are only available in Carbon Fibre or Chrome, while the Euroline Oval Shorts in chrome and black. Not only that, but half the time the picture shown with the product is wrong. Fix your websites guys!

    Anyway, Shane from Screaming Demon was extremely helpful via email in sending me pictures of the various options. What I got ended up costing $450 including shipping, is just as quiet as the stock exhaust (thanks to TWO bevels that can go inside one another) but significantly lighter and FAR better looking.

    I'll do a post in Technical and Troubleshooting Torque with some installation instructions and pictures, because the instructions that come with it are abysmal.

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