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Quickshifter from Shift Dynamics

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by wideone3, Mar 10, 2016.

  1. So today i was patiently waiting at home for a parcel to arrive under my name. I waited a solid 4 hours before i had to go to work and yet nothing arrived, Disappointed i headed off to work and assumed it would hopefully be here tomorrow. However upon arriving home i noticed it sticking out of my post box and eagerly opening it up and opened up the garage to start the modification.
    Now what i was adding was...a...
    Bought from shift dynamics, a relatively new company selling quick shifters for purely the street triples and mt-09. After seeing and testing what the product was capable of on thehofthehof 's 660 i thought that for the price its an amazing deal (129$) compared to the triumph shifter for $600.
    I quickly got it fitted up and took it for a test ride.
    HOLY S***, Never have i ever had money better spent. This thing literally put a smile on my face and had be shouting and squealing like a little girl inside my helmet for the entire time i was riding. I think i spent majority of my time going from 1st-6th quick shifting then knocking it back to 1st and repeating it over and over.
    The feeling and sound of just pinning the throttle and feeling it blip into the next gear is amazing.
    I thought it might feel cool but never had i imagined it would feel this good.
    Basically it felt like the day i lost my virginity and i was questioning myself whether its possible or even legal to have an intimate relationship with a motorbike.
    This is by far the best modification I've added to my bike and was also probably one of the cheapest.
    I know people might not feel the same way as with most bikes I've seen, a standard quick shifter is anywhere from $300/400 onwards. But I'm going to be honest that if i had just hopped off my bike tonight and the quick shifter disappeared i would be out and would pay $400 if it meant i could get that feeling again.

    The only negative of the quick shifter was the trouble of getting the stains out of my underwear and I'm assuming thats going to be a reoccurring issue so might have to go buy some more disposable undies.

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  2. Its wickedly addictive isn't it? The only problem with pinning the throttle at the lights on the 675R is that you're 'comfortably' over the speed limit before you've even used it. Boo. ;)
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  3. Yeah i had the same issue. Probably not so much but even with the street triple 660 i look down and think "oh I'm only in 3rd gear" only to realise my speedo was reading 110+ kmph. Its scary how quickly these bikes get up there. I can't even begin to imagine the 200hp superbikes
  4. It does make it very easy to short-shift though, which is good. The Daytona will pull from about 3500 rpm, so its relatively happy to let you ride around town at 50 kph in 5-6th. I have found that the QS works much more smoothly when you're above 8-10000 though.
  5. If you think that's cool, wait until you have a bike with quickshifter that blips throttle when you downshift . Hard breaking and downshifting into turn 2 at eastern creek has never been this much fun.
  6. I damn near break my toes whenever I get a loan bike without a quick shifter when my bike is being serviced. It's a brilliant bit of kit and makes ripping through even more exciting.
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    yeah i definitly noticed it worked a lot better above 6k but was surprised how smooth it felt being a cheaper quick shifter. i guess it does exactly the same thing so I'm super happy.

    Oh I'm only 19 I've still got a variety of experiences to go. Theres so many fish in the ocean ;)
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    The Triumph manual suggests only using the QS above 4,000rpm. The lower the revs, the more rough the change (although it's never rock you off the bike rough). I tend to use it up to 4th gear around town, then do a clutched change into fifth to sit at 60km/h.

    You're right. With the gearing of the recent 675 Triumphs, you don't need gears for public roads (although you're screaming in 110km/h zones)
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  10. Glad you're enjoying it.

    In 1979 I was learning to ride 4 cylinder bikes, and do no-clutch up changes. I had some thoughts about what I'd like, in terms of a quickshift or an automatic up-shift at redline. In 1996, I started to study digital logic, as part of my computer course, and soon came up with a system of logic gates that would control it. Did I race out and build it and get rich? No, I didn't, but I have spent many hours figuring out how it should work and how to make one, and I have wanted one for a LONG time...
  11. Man that's cheap. Is there no shift rod element? How does it feel the pressure for the gear change?

    Scrap that, i just saw the install video. Interesting piece of kit.
  12. To those with Quick Shifters please have some consideration for the blokes you ride with. A mate has one on his K1300, the first time I heard it used I thought someone had fired an RPG at me.Waaa Bang, it scared the crap out of me as he disappeared into the distance.
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  13. I've had one of these on my triple for a while now and it is great. Besides the switch crapping out on me, (which was quickly replaced without question and sent by express post) I've had no issues with it. Best bang for buck mod no doubt.

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  14. I just ordered the triumph one from the US. A lot cheaper than local, but nowhere near $129.

    Looking forward to it :)
  15. I mean they all do the same thing. It's just a matter of how clean or safe you want it to be. I'm sure the triumph one is better no doubt but I'm sure it's very marginal and $129 is more than enough for something that is purely fun focused
  16. Yep. No argument from me there.
    I'm spending the insurers money so picking from the top shelf for now.

    I get tight and look for eBay cheapies when it comes to levers, stand bobbins, slip ons etc.
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  17. Yeah, but you're assuming everyone knows what a quick shifter is, what it does, and where it goes for its installation. What is it all about?
  18. Look at the website there's an install video there.
  19. Apparently the Triumph one re-introduces the spark on each cylinder separately, so you get a very smooth change.

    In a nutshell gragragragra, a quickshifter is a device that senses pressure on the gear lever and then modulates the engine ignition (usually cutting the spark) for a few milliseconds. This fractional reduction in engine power unloads the transmission and allows the gearbox to change up to the next gear. Its essentially the same as just rolling off the throttle for a fraction of second like you do when doing a clutchless upshift, but a lot smoother.

    Also, when you use it, the unburnt mixture goes through the cylinder and ignites in the pipe, resulting in auditory awesomeness... ;)
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  20. First time I experienced one was on a Daytona 675r, damn was it fun! So much so, we bought an STR and fitted a QS, then I fitted one to my 1098 road bike and ZX6r track bike...I didn't fit one to my new bike as comes standard with one!
    Moral of the story...You may not need one, but your sure as hell want one after using it!
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