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Quickbooks problem

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Brian26146, May 11, 2009.

  1. Anyone use this program?

    I have a problem just developed in it and cant find the solution or cause.

    When I open the Customers Detail Centre, I get a -Runtime Error "0"-

    It stops the top part of the page from opening or displaying where the drop down box would be to select customers. It does the same thing in the Suppliers section.

    About the same time I had a data base, quite unrelated, in MS Access become damaged but it is working fine now.

    I think the 2 problems are somehow related but dont know where. Probably if the Access problem was solved it would solve the other as well.
    However, I have tried diagnostics and so but all appears to be ok.

    Anyone with any ideas. And no, I cant switch to MYOB.

  2. Try re-install QB. Have you updated IE recently? QB in their infinite wisdom integrate closely with it... fun.
  3. Might be next step.

    Have just tried to repair MS Office. No go, will not allow me to change in the Control panel and also original disk will not work on any file. Very interesting. Tried stopping all defense files but still no joy.
  4. Have just attempted to repair on another computer with same programs from same disks and all works fine.
    This computer has everything the same as far as programs like IE, QB etc, it is a back up computer but has other differences so I cant do a ghost of this one.

    Yes, crook computer has IE 8 on it, (this one does not and will not now) but I did a restore to earlier time and problem was still there.

    More head scratching. Might try installing IE 7 and see what happens.
  5. Hey Brian, best wishes to you and your lovely wife :).

    Mate, if it's the machine I looked at when I was down there in September, I reckon it's time to back up the data and give it the reformat/re-install Windows treatment!!!

    Give me a call if I can do any remote diagnostics for you.
  6. My *guess* is that this has something to do with it. As mentioned earlier QB rely on certain versions of IE (why 'o why?). Try a re-install of IE7 - or as Paul suggest a full system re-install.
  7. http://community.intuit.ca/discussion/index.php?showtopic=39419 states:

    Solution seems to be go back to IE7.

    It seems it is also a problem with QB2002 with IE8 running on XP-64bit as I have. I've never used the customer centre, didn't know about the problem till you mentioned it.

    thanks a million! :evil: :roll: