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Quick work - any ideas?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Tomek, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. Well heres the out line im currently on the waiting list to join the army as a rifleman.. :p

    However... i need some $$$ for the time being and working at maccas just does not suit me anymore..

    Does anyone know or have any ideas on were i could get a job which has something to do with labouring or any over form were i don't need experience or long training.. im strong, fit and dedicated :LOL:

    Seek is useless

  2. Bricklayers lackie?
  3. bit more details? :p
  4. Try some of the companies that supply short-term labour to companies. I used to do basic labour work (bag tipper, pallet stacker) through Adecco - there's plenty of other companies out there that are similar.
  5. Dont know about other states but here you need a green card (OH&S) before you are able to step foot on a building site.. / construction site...

    The OH&S course is piss easy. and about $170 (i think)
  6. yep....go the casual agencies, Drakes, Forstaff, Westaff..etc..etc...etc heaps of em, sign up with 3 or 4 and see which one gives you the most work. Pay is around $17 - $20 an hour for container hands I think at the moment.
  7. I used to work at Clelands Cold Storage. Money wasn't bad, work was good and hard and reasonably energetic - but f*cking boring. Nonetheless they're usually looking for people if memory serves. Look em up. And dress nice for the interview, that really throws 'em.

    Otherwise, I made some reasonable coin from agency work too - I went through Manpower and got a mix of office/data entry/labour/gofer jobs which paid ok but the work wasn't real consistent.
  8. were are you looking for work
    which state?
    May be able to hook you up if your in vic

    just has to be added use it!