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Quick thoughts on a bike, pls?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Lurch, Aug 3, 2005.

  1. A friend and i are heading over to Canberra on Friday to check this out:
    Yammy SZR660

    Its for him. Now, he's a pretty tall and skinny guy like myself (about 6foot5). And Its will be his 2nd bike. (His older Bro's old CBR2500RR is just WAY too small)

    Good bike/Bad bike?

    Any input would be appreciated.

  2. a kinny guy? like, kinky? or do you mean skinney?
  3. ...damn typo :p
  4. This is a small bike!!

    An SZR660 is not much bigger physically (if at all!) than a CBR250. I am not very tall (5'7"), and I considered one of these as a second bike. The componentry all sounds ggod on paper, but I just wasn't impressed with the idea of a big single.

    Depending on this guy's weight, a suspension freshen up would probably be needed, they are pretty undersprung as standard.
  5. Bike itself is fine, great fun, too.
    That XTZ single is a beauty.
    6foot 5 ? No way.
    It's way too small, wrong ergonomics, he'll pin his patellaes to this earlobes.
    5foot6? Perfect.

    They're a bit hard to get some parts for by now...
  6. Big single=mucho vibration, bits falling off, stitches vibrating out of underwear, cracks in accessories (racks, farings, etc), zero mirror function while the engine is running, in fact pretty much what millions of British riders thought was the bees knees until the Honda 4 came along!
  7. I had a 97 szr for 6 months but found that it was just not the right size for me and i am 183 cm.The bike itself goes ok but it does vibrate a fair bit .Parts are also pretty hard to get ..
  8. Mmm...odd.
    I stuck my head into the local Yammy dealer down here. He said he could get parts, no prob. And size wise its was about the same size as your average 600. About the same size as my Revere. Just a more sporty seating position.....

    Ok then...assuming the SZR660 is gonna be way to small for him, then im guessing the best fitting bike for him is gonna be one of the cruisers that are on the LAMs list. Ya? The other bike he had his eye on was a XV535.
    Ill get straight to the point. Will he fit on a XV535?


    *EDIT* Nevermind: i struck Gold
  9. Well, in regards to the SZR600. We decided to head to Canberra yesterday anyways to check it out.

    Well, i can now give you an idea from a stupidly tall persons perspective.
    Yeah, its small.
    Yeah, its a little cramped.
    Yeah, i probably look pretty stupid on it.

    This bike is the biggest fkn legend!! I rode it all the way from Canberra to Nowra (stopping at Goulburn and Sutton Forrest) and only got sore about Kangaroo Valley time. So i think that s pretty good. Even by the time i got to Fitzroy Falls, and was starting to get fairly tierd for my decent into the Valley, it was almost like the bike looked up at me and said "it's ok, ill do all the cornering for you!" And you know what? IT DID!! This is the most bullsh*t little bike thru the twisties up and down KV, it Rocks! Ive never had SO much fun on a bike!

    Im in Luuurve!

    BTW, i didnt let my friend buy it in the end.....I DID!!!

    (now to sell the Revere)