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Quick spin on the Moto Morini 9½ and Corsaro

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Loz, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. What a ball, these things are awesome.




  2. well they look really hawt!!!!

    nice review too mate
  3. agree the Corsaro looks the business
  4. I am Sorry that I missed the launch and test ride day.
  5. Code:
    Lord knows why Moto Morini fitted that pillion seat – only extremely flexible and endlessly tolerant size sixes need apply. Actually, putting it that way, perhaps the Italians know what they’re doing.
    :rofl: :applause:

    Love the bikes. Another great review Loz.
  6. A size six italian girl is a rare beast indeed... theya NYOO wot a dey waza doinga!

    Great write up Loz. The wilder of the two looks the business! :twisted:
  7. Good write up Loz :) . If you did actually go shopping for a Moto Morini and came home with anything less than the Corsaro I would declare you a screaming queen and revoke your manness credentials there and then. If you bought the Veloce I would call you a motherf#cker and ask for a swapsies.

    I truly find those two bikes horny. Don't know if they are better than a Tuono but I have no doubt they get a seat at the same table. Good God, those Italians build superb motorcycles.
  8. Hmm. I feel there's only one way to find out. Keys please! :grin:

    Honestly, it was a hard choice. The 9 1/2 inspires more funnybuggers because it's just so easy to ride. Confidence=hooliganism, and it has it in spades like few others I've ridden. There's something very special about a bike that you feel like thrashing the pants off after the very first corner - even though it's a 120hp 1200cc twin.

    But then, the Corsaro is pure hornbag, and if you have to fear it and treat it bad, so be it. Yum.
  9. Very nice review... they got a very good review in the new RAPID as well.
  10. Hey thanks for the comments and link to the review. The Corsaro is one of half a dozen bikes on my test ride list.
    Can anyone offer comments on how the Corsaro (or Veloce) compares to say a Brutale, Tuono or TNT? And then has anyone researched ownership costs (maintenance, insurance, etc)? YES, I know most of these bikes are emotional purchases rather than value for money purchases but $ have to be considered somewhere in the process.

  11. Hello naked person.

    I have ridden precisely none of the other options you have raised.

    I do know this; the Tuono slaughters all in group tests, and Aprilia is the most established of these brands in Australia, meaning better access to bits.

    JohnnyO was saying last night that Morini make the engines for Benelli. The Benellis have been plagued with hot-starting issues - as in, when hot, they don't - and he reckons that as recently as last year the Euro-spec Morinis were having the same issues.

    The day I tested them was quite a warm one - and I didn't have any issues at all with a dozen warm starts... But then, I didn't get it real hot in traffic and then try.

    Furthermore, JohnnyO raced the old press biatch TnT with nothing more than tyre and oil changes and apart from the starting issue, it worked great for him.

    So... That's all I can add really. For a proven bike, try the Tuono - by all reports they're an absolute cracker.

    Ask Deyago, the mother fcuker.
  12. Hey Loz,

    Thanks for the response. I had the pleasure of taking the Benelli Cafe Racer and MM Corsaro Veloce out on the weekend.
    The two are quite different from each other and quite different in feel from any of the Jap bikes Ive ridden before.
    I rode the Benelli first up and had a ball; decent torque at low revs (compared to the CBR600 Ive been riding) but it really gets moving after about 6000rpm. For me at least it makes it usable as an every day rider and fun for the weekend blast through the mountains too.
    By comparison I found the power of the MM Veloce less usable. I found around town it was really on-off throttle because theres just so much power available. On the open road it would be a blast, I just cant believe the delivery and the way it jumps. Im sure its just a perception thing but it felt stronger than a Fireblade I rode recently. Great bike and it has a market; Im just not in it. Oh, as a daily rider the Benelli was more comfortable too. Again it dependent on your build (Im around 5'10" and 72kg) and what you're used to but the ride position suited me nicely.

    Hoping to get a spin on a Tuono this weekend so I might add to this early next week. Then I just need to find a Brutale to sit on so I can make a decision.

  13. You want usable power, you should check out the 9 1/2, it's as easy to ride as a Hornet 600 but with all the grunt of the Corsaro... Even if it doesn't have the same top end. Still, it doesn't have the awmagawd factor.
  14. Intersting. Perhaps I should go harass the good folks at FX again over the weekend and take the 9.1/2 out. Ill wait till Ive assessed the Tuono first anyway. It seems to win every comparo its in though Im expecting a fairly different ride from the TNT and Corsaro