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QUICK SALE Honda NC23 CBR400 with tyga fairing - $1,900

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by AznCruiser, Mar 7, 2013.

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  1. #1 AznCruiser, Mar 7, 2013
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2013
    SOLD SOLD SOLD!!!! - $1700
    This price is for one week only.

    Tracked this last Monday for maybe less than one session and swapped to my ZX6R road bike........im now set in having a 600cc or more as a trackie. So im open to swaps ;).

    The good:
    -Tyga fairing
    -Newish battery less than 150km old
    -Carbie cleaned (home cleaned with a few mates with some cold refreshments ;))
    -Carbie tuned by local mecahnic
    -Meaty newish tyres less than 150km old
    -Newish front brakes less than 22km old, cant remember about the rear, i hardly use it, but it still works lol....
    -Not a writeoff and nothing owing (when I checked last year) and pretty much only ridden three times since I got it.
    -Oil and oil filter less than 22km ago
    -Coolant flushed 0km ago

    The bad:
    -Engine blowing oil in the air box from breather, ive now installed a breather catch can.
    -First gear is slipping, but all other gears seem ok.
    -The bike used to be a blokes daily commuter and so has racked up around 56,000km
    -Tyga fairing is ill fitting......it may be that Tyga made this fairing using a different model NC23. ive cut a bit of the right hand side fairing because the brake cable was hitting it at full lock.
    -My paint job is very thin and not the best
    -Needs TLC like most bikes of this vintage.

    Newest photo, bike with stickers........note the catch can sticking out the side

    Note the ill fitting fairing

    Note the cut on the fairing near the right hand side mirror.

  2. so much want.....why does it have to be a honda ?!?!?!?! i'd sell my wife if it was a zxr 400 *shakes head*
  3. send pics of said wife..............i may have a kwaka you may want ;) heheheh
  4. [​IMG]

    ....sure...that's totally my wife

    i'll include a hard-copy of the picture and a statement saying i dont care if you have said with pictured lady....and my zzr 250 - for this cbr.
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  5. tyga fairing may be ill fitting but looks a shitload better than the original body kit that was on it

    and i can verify the taking apart and reassembly of the carbies, but cannot verify that the drinks were cold.

    GL with the sale mate
  6. way to anticipate the perennial "is she hot" question (y)
  7. Cold Aussie drinks served english style............warm :p
  8. she looks half starved and her clothes are in tatters lol...................:cautious:
  9. Damn they're nice tits
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  10. it's a tough life in the ghetto
  11. she kept her rack so its all good
  12. how bad is the first gear slip issue? and how much effort to re-register for the road?
  13. First gear slip is bad............as for registering, you would need a blue slip since i havent renewed or even ridden the bike for lioke a year.................the tyga fairing comes with all the lights and lights are working, tyres is good although I just remembered that the front one us RACE ONLY but I know a few people who ride them as a daily (they arent extreme).......the breather hose needs to be plumbed back into the airbox (just for the blue slip), this doesnt take long or much effort at all.................................thats all that I can think of. BTW brakes are EBC HH.

    All in all I dont think its hard to get the bike registered, afterall it used to be a daily and it was in worse condition aesthetic wise before.
  14. lights are an easy fix regardless as is the tyre...and the breather hose is a breeze...must say im kind of suprised with how much the cbr's n zxr's mimic'd each other that this ol girl has....well...normal forks and not upside down/inverted forks like the zxr....i hated it initially but grew on me quickly - new habits to learn are always fun
  15. yup its a good buy.......
  16. found a good looking red one on ebay

    nice cbr op. glws
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