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Quick Ride - Mon 1 Aug

Discussion in 'VIC' started by firefling, Aug 1, 2005.

  1. Got the day off today, did my housework, and now dying for a quick ride up to Reefton via Emerald->Cockatoo->Woori Yallock->Warburton. Anybody up for it?

    I'll be at Mobil cnr Wellington Rd and Stud Rd at 1pm

  2. ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh soooo not fair :evil:
  3. I'll be there in spirit Firefling

    :D :D :D

    I am taking the afternoon off but have an interview for a new job. Damn my unlucky timing.
  4. Damn I wish I could just disappear from work.
    Have fun Minna, I was up around there yesterday arvo and had a ball. Scrubbing in a new set of Pilot powers

  5. Just found out now that im not going to work . Wouldn't be able to make a ride anyway as Rhonda has my keys in her car , which is at her work , and they have the house keys on them . I will still be doing laps but with a mower :( :(
  6. this should be illegal to post up rides on weekdays when we have to work :(
  7. I second this motion !!

    SO NOT FAIR !! considering i can see those very mountains from my office window
  8. :butt: Bwahahaha, had a blast. Nobody turned up so I presumed everybody was at work :twisted: Went to Warburton, couldn't be stuffed doing Reefton, turned around and explored roads to Gembrook and had a hoot getting lost in the mountains trying to find Belgrave. Beautiful day, bit cloudy but at least didn't have sun in my eyes, roads were dry and not much traffic \:D/ \:D/
  9. I did a few laps of Kinglake :)

    Great day for it.

  10. I did the mowing :( :(
  11. Some people have all the fun!!!! I might have to ask the boss for the day off next time...oops I am the boss
  12. Actually, stewy, the ride was probably MORE enjoyable for knowing that the rest of us poor sods WERE at work!!
    {Just kidding, fling, we are all insanely jealous, but sharing your enjoyment. I used to LIVE at Yarra Junction and rode all of those roads on my last bike before this one, a 250cc Kawasaki triple two-stroke, there can't be many places nice to ride, specially on a week day without the weekend rubber-neckers}
  13. that should have read AS nice to ride, (needless to say)
  14. Yep, you better believe it :twisted: :twisted:
  15. Darn. If only the net had been working, I was itching for a good ride in the beautiful weather we had today... insead I got about an hour in running errands cos I was bored and the net was offline (damn you mat) :(
  16. [-( sounds like you had a blast, but as previously stated someone has to pay the taxs for the country :p