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Quick Review BMW K1200R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Scumbag, Jul 29, 2006.

  1. Not the prettiest bike on the block, but wonderfully brutal in its look. Very industrial.
    Get on hit starter button and .......................... sounds like most japanese fours of the larger capacity, with a little more mechanical noise.
    Brakes are the servo assisted ones and I have a problem with these. I cannot seem to get the feedback I like from my brakes. This is due to the power assistance on them.
    That said they work great with lots of power and they stop the bike well.
    I just do not like the feel.
    Right next bit, for the horsepower junkies out there, this thing has lots, lots and lots.
    Huge gobs of torque as well. It just launches real hard and once past about 7000 it takes off like the space shuttle. For those of you that read these little diatribes then the motor is the same as the K1200GT I rode the other week.
    Damn it goes hard.
    Takes a bit to push into a corner but once in there sits very solid. The bike is very stable due to the length of it yet with the right persuasion will drop into a corner ok.
    I enjoyed this bike, was easy to ride and the horsepower is just silly.


  2. Ja! Dieses ist ein gutes streetfighter. Die Deutschen sind gute Ingenieure. Sehr teutonic in seinem Design.

    Something about nipples and sex comes to mind too.
  3. ...and poo. Ze Germans like it with poo, I'm told.
  4. Who graffitied the tiles under the K12? I hope you caught the vandalising b@stards. No respect for anything these days
  5. yeah, not the prettiest bike on the block.

    If I were to rank my top 3 ugly bikes, it would be like this . . .

    Benelli Cafe 1130 . . . . (talk about being hit with an ugly stick !) :eek:
  6. How did you find the silly indicator convention ?. the salesman play this down
    of course. I found it hard to ride. The only good thing about them is their 10k
    service intervals.
  7. I'm sure it goes well but the looks...just yuk!
  8. It's not meant to look pretty or sleek. It's meant to look mean. Chunky and industrial, kinda.

    It's not a bike I'd buy, but I like the way it looks.
  9. I like the looks and have considered buying one. Something different and also heaps of grunt without being a sports bike. They are interesting thats for sure! :)
  10. Took the K1200S out on Saturday. Oooh, mama!

    Much of the above also refers to the S (except that the S is far prettier). Jeez these things are fast, yet also really easy (as in stupidly easy) to ride. The gear ratios are quite close, but the torque is amazing. You can stick this thing in 6th and leave it there, much as you would a twin.
    There's nothing particularly arm wrenching about the delivery, but the bulk of the torque is made at around 3.5k and from there upwards the bike simply accelerates... and accelerates... and accelerates, with a huge flat delivery.

    A couple of words on stability.
    I headed out west to find some nice empty roads, found myself alone on a loooong straight, nailed the throttle and held on. The road was a back country road, so a little bumpy, but the bike was incredibly stable, even up to, erm, let's just say the WRONG side of 100kph and the RIGHT side of the speedo. Only my bottle (or lack of) forced me to slow down.
    A little later, somewhere around Werribee, I was overtaking a truck only to find that the road had suffered quite a nasty subsidence. The tarmac was raised in a large hump right in the middle of the lane (as in both wheels off the ground large). I was accelerating and heading for this hump at some speed. I decided the best option was to keep going, relax(!), head right at it and... hope for the best (whilst mentally writing a $3000 cheque for the damage). Aside from a weave from the rear, the bike was completey unfazed. I took the precaution of standing on the pegs, but even so the ride was, it must be said, rather comfortable.

    Oh, and every bike should have electronic suspension adjustment.

    Long, heavy (both relatively speaking, but not for the class), slow steering and some would say expensive (until you appreciate the quality) but this grin just won't go away.

    I AM going to buy one, as soon as I can find a buyer for the missus.
    Any takers??
  11. Where would you rate the Bimota Mantra on your list?

  12. After you've used them for a week you find it's far more sensible than "normal" indicators. :LOL:

    It just needs some getting used to.
  13. Ugly, I love it and I want one now!

    Damn restrictions that's licence and mortgage. :(

    Thanks Scumbag, dropped into your shop the other day. I would spend a fortune if I worked their :grin: