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Quick review - 2010 Speed Triple Ltd Ed.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by suj, Feb 19, 2010.

  1. My old man brought home a shiny new toy last night that he picked up last weekend from Triumph City (on a site note, excellent service!)...a brand spanking new 2010 model Speed Triple Ltd. Edition in an absolutely gorgeous red w/ white stripe colour scheme.

    Took this bad boy out for a quick ride yesterday, being mindful that it needs a proper run in of course and all I can say is holy sh*t this thing is an amazing machine.

    The 3 cyl engine is fantastic, I ride a Ducati monster normally and have to say I was blow away by how smooth it feels considering the amount of torque you have on tap.

    A twist of the wrist in 2nd and 100km/h approaches in the blink of an eye - even sitting on the freeway in 6th the bike accelerates with no hesitation - I honestly had to check to see I was in top gear!

    Riding position is very comfortable, lots of control at all speeds - does not feel very heavy considering its actual weight.

    Exhaust note is beautiful if perhaps a bit quiet - nothing that can't be fixed with a nice set of Arrows or Staintunes though :)

    Can't wait to take it out again!

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  2. "love the beast"

    looks great, never seen it in those colors.
  3. Looks like Triumph are buying time with all these Limited Edition models.

    Looks great, sure will turn a few heads!. Definitely needs a 3-1 Arrow exhaust!
  4. Yeah it does look like there is probably a new big block tripple on the way and possibly a new small twin.

    Let's hope so.

    Personally I'd like to see a mid block tripple (about 900cc), but a bit lighter than the 1000cc japs. I don't think it is on the cards however.

    An new 1100-1150 cc tripple to go after the 1000cc japs seems the most likely.

    Suj, your old man's got good taste. What Monster have you got for comparison?
  5. Haven't seen one of them (in that colour) before, looks wicked!
  6. Still recon I'd be putting a big single headlight on it If it were mine.
  7. If I spent nearly $20000 on a bike I think I'd leave it as it is. Though can understand some people don't like the twin headlight configuration.
  8. they sure are a sweet machine , Love Mine !!

    And I love the limited edition look !
  9. that's *GORGEOUS*!
  10. Haha I didn't think he'd actually do it but the colour scheme swayed his decision.

    I've got an 06 m620 Lams version. I've been trying various big bikes since getting off my restrictions and this was the most impressive by far :) I think a street triple might be more in my budget though hehe
  11. Yes, the Speed Triple has a tiny bit more poke than your monster :D

    The speed looks great
  12. Hahah true that....I'm surprised at how quickly you can get used to it though :)
  13. noice but could do with smaller cans
  14. Ah ****, so that's your dad's bike I was drooling over in the shop. I came so close to ordering one for myself, in that particular red colour.
  15. My cousin just sent me this pic from a bike show in Munich and said he wants to get one of these as his next bike:

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  16. hmmm again i dont like the pipes
  17. are you serious? thats a wicked pipe. real sf style 45 shorty single.
  18. I think compared to the pipe positioning on the red bike this one looks way better and like slick said more sf
  19. just shows how we got different taste in things :)
  20. Speed Triples are great and make Super Dukes their biatch