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Quick release strapless soft panniers!

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Portagrug, Apr 21, 2013.

  1. So.. Back story:
    I was going to fit my Ninja 650RL with Givi easylock semi rigid panniers.. a retailer in the states sent me the frames and then said the bags were on back order.. 8 months later i gave up..

    The frames were working well to hold the soft panniers i had in place.. but the straps were giving me the sheits!!!

    So last night over a bottle of Jack i nutted out a plan to make these soft panniers strapless.. .. if they were locked to the bike and quick release it would be a bonus..

    Well now they are.. $50 bucks of 90deg angle brackets, M5 metal screws, nylock nuts, two small padlocks, some carinya backing plates, and even 4 L brackets to sure up the insides of the bags and stop my second pet hate, "saggy baggies"

    Here is some pictures of the results..

    Pannier mod 1 small. Pannier mod 2 small.

    The top hooks are small L brackets with a bolt to create the "hook" bit..
    the bottom L bracket has the padlock through it to stop it from jumping off either up ways or side ways.. (the padlock shaft has some rubber hose on it to keep it in that inverted position.)

    the bags cant move forwards or backwards due to parts of the frame keeping the hooks in place..

    im happy :) and feeling a little smarter :)
  2. Waterproof?
  3. no more or less than when it started.. the bags themselves come with rain baggies which is pretty common for soft bags..