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quick question for NSW riders

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Tommi, May 10, 2005.

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  2. those are the bikes over 250cc that you can ride

    The 250s at the very top of that page are 2 strokes, which exceed the power to weight ratio restrictions (so you can't have those). All 4 stroke 250's are legal.

    to answer the question of ZZR or CBR in your signature, definately go for the CBR (Make sure it's an RR too), they are way better. CBR's are more sought after, prettier, faster and of better quality (i guess) than the ZZR. Get one and join your mates, they're legal.
  3. yeah i completely read the page wrong.. the 250's there are the 250's you Cant ride.. thansk anyway guys
  4. ah thansk for the advice.. im def getting the CBR after i sat on a few today.. the ZZRs where wierd in my opinon.. so yeah RR here i come..

    being 6'3" do you think the cbr maybe undersized for me?
  5. I dunno dude
    CBR's are mad. I'd definately ride one if I wasnt such a poor piece of shit. lol

    I dunno if it'll be undersized.. If you felt comfortable sitting on it then I guess it'll be fine. Probably wont be comfy if you go long distances tho!

    Enjoy it dude! CBR250RRs look king
    what colour/paint scheme?
  6. well insurence is double for cbr`s

    but i guess they dont get knocked off dat mich down nsw way........
  7. doesnt matter about insurance.. im only getting 3rd party..

    besides NRMA whos good to get insured by?
  8. Hey Tommi

    My bf just got a CBR250RR - we're both on our Ls. I did the insurance shopping for him and NRMA are def the best bet for the CBR, mostly cos they take all your driving years into consideration, not just riding years. HRCA (underwritten by Swann) quoted an obscene amount for the CBR, however I have my Spada insured with them. O yeah - we both have comprehensive, which you'll need if the bike is under finance.

    He is around 6ft tall and about 85 - 90kgs. The bike isn't too small for him, and since he took the baffle out (illegal) he is enjoying the bike muchly. I can hear him from 4 streets away! Will well and truely be ready for the CBR600 by the time he's off his Ps though.
  9. nice one thanks for the advice!

    hopefully i can get enough money through a personal loan because NRMA quoted me $2,500 a year comprehensive (i have a bad driving history :S )
  10. 250 CBR's are a fairly highly theft risk. My flatemate got his stolen. That was in newtown.

    The difference between a CBR and a CBRR is the CBR has one front brake disc, the CBRR has 2.

    Honestly, unless you are really, really going to be pushing it in the twisties, the lack of a brake disc on your l's/p's isn't going to affect you that much.
  11. get the RR
    they are grand
  12. thats not the only difference tho..

    the double R is a beastbut still a good learner bike right? this is what i have been told
  13. Nope, only difference on a CBR.

    90% certain of this, I couldn't find the specs online of a cbr vs cbrr to confirm.

    Will argue on the good learner bike though. Those fairings do make for expensive repair job for a low speed drop.

    End of the day, got to get the bike you want though :)
  14. My old flatemate used to have a 250 CBRR before it got stolen.

    Personally I wasn't a fan, but that's me personally. Was horrible in traffic, only good on winding it out, and even then did take a while to get it going.

    But that's my opinion, just wasn't a bike that suited me :)

    He loved it though.

    Granted after it got stolen he got a 150cc scooter, but that's another story.
  15. A scooter? What a sad story! :cries:

    I tend to agree with your synopsis of the CBR Kaer. Different folks, different strokes, yeah? You and I have the same taste in bikes (am getting a Duke when I'm off my Ps), but some just love the flighty, high revving screamers. My bf (Jordan) thinks my spada is boring, but I think his CBR is way too much hard work for a commuter. I don't want a bike that I have to constantly be taming down its response when in traffic... I don't want a bike that bucks around with even the slightest movement on the throttle. I like that I've only been in top gear when on freeways - Jordan tops out his 6 speed gear box in suburbia!

    But, Jordan loves his CBR. Good on him, I say. 8) And, if you like it Tommi, then go for it. :)

    So, you're in the inner west? Me too. :)
  16. I had the flatemate with the CBR when I used to live in Newtown about 2 years ago now (living in Cremorne now), so we used to go for the rides down the Royal National Park. I used to be able to smoke him on the twisties, and he'd catch up on the straights. Granted I was a better rider than him, but not by much.

    Had to really use your body weight a lot more on the CBR to keep it stable around the twisties. I could scrape the footpegs on both of them around turns, but again (and I'll shut up after this), still prefer the spada.
  17. \:D/ \:D/ \:D/ \:D/

    Go the Spadaaaaaaaaaaaa!
  18. i know you will all hate me when i ask this but what type of bike is a spada.? Honda VT250?

    flashfire -- yeah im in lewo.. your b/f, you and i should meet up when i get the RR.. you guys can teach me some tricks. :p
  19. Yep, version of the Honda VTR250. Main difference stronger frame. Only produced for one year, as the cost of a new 250 Spada was the same as a 650, so it naturally flopped.

    Most parts from the VTR250 useable on the spada.

    Been a lot more coming in to Oz lately, as with the 15 year rule on Japanese vehicles, a lot of grey imports have come in.

    BTW, don't take my rants on spada vs cbr too seriously. It's my opinion and preference, you got to go with the bike you want :)
  20. ah nice one.. thanks for your help!

    quick second question for thoese still interested.. whats a good helmet brand.. obviously there is SHOEI (witch i would kill for but are all like $800) witch isnt out of my price range but a little cheaper but same quality would be nice.