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Quick question about Putty Rd during winter

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Blue Boule, Jun 12, 2009.

  1. Hi,

    I'm almost (finally) doing my ride from Melbourne to Brisbane. It's about 4 months later than I'd hoped so the route is, well crap now compared to what it would have been pre-snow and ice.

    I am wondering though what Putty Road is like over the winter period. Does it get black ice at all or does it remain a relatively safe road to travel during the colder months?

  2. From south to North

    You will strike fog early in the morning in the Colo Valey. It usually starts at the top of the southern ridge and ends when you get to the top of the northern ridge :LOL: Which is a pity because it stuffs up the second major twisty section of the road. If you have the choice, I wouldn't leave Sydney till around 8 - 8:30.

    Long boring stage in the middle

    Fog possible, but less likely, and I can't remember ever seeing ice on the road of a worriesome sort. You may see plenty of frost in the paddocks.

    Run up to Garland Valley and the Tem Mile

    Again, surrounds may be frosty, but the road is usually OK. Watch out for the possibility of some frost on the road in the sections deep in the trees, and in some of the closed in sections of the Ten Mile.

    By the time you get to Singleton it will still be cold, but any frost and stuff should have cleared.

    If it is raining on ANY part of the road, however, be very careful, because rain freezes and becomes ice....
  3. Sounds good. I'll probably be leaving from Yaas in the morning so I should be going through around the middle of the day. If it's wet I guess I'll just get to deal with the excitement of the freeways instead ](*,)

  4. nah, don't avoid the Putty just because it's raining; the surface is good right the way through, and because not as many trucks take it these days the possibility of oil spills and such is quite low.
  5. IMHO if you come past 10am you should be right as long as it isn't the coldest day in history. No real problems in the wet outside that it's wet.
  6. Timely! Thanks for asking the question I was about to ask.

    I will hopefully be up there next week :grin: :grin: :grin:
  7. Was up there on sunday, was cloudy but only had about 5 drops on my helmet the whole day. Roads cold but almost entirely dry (best to not start too early in the morning in winter, we left from berowra at 8.30 and back at 3 and the morning was a little more chilly than preferable), you have to take it easier on these winter colder days but you can still bust a move through the corners comfortably.

    Have done it on all different degrees of wet/rain and whilst you can do it pretty happily, its frustrating not being able to fully enjoy the awesome twisties.