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Quick NSW Pink Slip Question......

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by kazjim, Sep 20, 2005.

  1. I;ve just been told that ANY Authorised inspection station can do a Pink slip check on a Bike.... True ?

    Gotta do it today... left it a little "Late" .... (I've still got 6 days... but got to work some times !)


  2. Not true.

    the people at the RTA alway get confused about this.

    Where are you?
  3. Central Coast.... NSW
  4. Kaz, suggest you get in touch with the MCC of NSW, they will know all the gory details you're seeking. www.mccofnsw.org.au
  5. Can't help up there. Most bike shops.

    Bob-janes tend to do them.
  6. Yes, any car mechanic can do a bike pink slip as well.

    It's in fact a lot easier to get it done with them (if you haven't timed your service with your pink slip correctly, so you're mechanic can do it at the same time).

    They give it a visual look over, check lights, indicators, brakes work, then send it on it's way.
  7. Sorry, any authorized car mechanic.

    Call the mechanic up and ask them, they'll let you know if they can do it.
  8. Any one wanna race for pink slips???
  9. I got this story from hte RTA once and popped into a couple and they said no.

    Rang the RTA again and got a differnent person and they said theres a list.

    Unless it's changed.

    Blue slips are definatly restricted to particular bike mechanics.

    Maybe some car places son't like doing bike pink slips. Can't think why they are easier then cars
  10. Thanks Mouth, that actually shows the E-inspection places (the onles that do an electronic pink-slip to the RTA)

    I rang my (car) mechanic and he's having a look at it this afternoon.. shouldnt be a hassle, it was only rego'd 3 months ago !

    (Bloody cheap-ass dealers. . . )

  11. I apologise.

    Must have been getting it mixted up with a blue slip experience or it's changed.
  12. Not sure....

    But its now done.. been and seen him, got the slip in my hot little hands..

    Thanks again all
  13. slightly OT, but if i need to go and get a pink slip, in theory do i need to put the original muffler back on for it to pass or will the aftermarket with the noise level plate suffice?
  14. FBF that's a blatant attempt to derail the thread, shame on you...... :LOL:
  15. If the plate is for the muffler on that bike, then it is legal and if they tell you otherwise, tell them to get stuffed.

    Otherwise, you can try with the "illegal" muffler. The bloke I get to do mine lets me through, because he himself rides a modified Harley.
  16. Mine have a plate on them (Magnum.... 92Db - think) and no problems passing here.....

    also have a suzuki sticker showing 88 Db i think...

  17. thanks for the replies - it's a legit plate however i might put the baffle back in just to be safe ;)