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Quick night session pics

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by N*A*M, May 31, 2006.

  1. where've you been lozza?


  2. Nice moves N*A*M.

    Ya really need a decent camera down there though!
    A decent Nikon setup with a couple of slave SB600/800's could have some insane night shots like that!

    Anyone got any spare SB600's laying around i can borrow? :grin:
  3. Jeez mate, that's probably about as far back as you wanna be going... :shock: :LOL:

    Looking awesome mate, brilliant stuff!

    I don't understand how you can hang on to the bloody bike when it's vertical like that.

    The physics of it seem contradictory - your only points of contact are your hands and feet. You're hanging off the back of a motorcycle that's accelerating forward. One of your hands has to be very carefully managing your throttle, one of your feet (or your left hand if you've got that hooked up) has to be managing your rear brake.

    How the hell do you hang on? Amazing stuff.

    I'll get down there again soon, need to spend an afternoon working on standups exclusively before I can take the next step.
  4. Nice shots...
    In that second one you look to be within centermeters of loosing your tail light...
  5. Great pics dude. :)
  6. thanks dudes. i can scrape the tail but it's the giant mud guard that grinds before the light. there are marks on the light lens and the tail plastic from quick scrapes. :)
  7. its time u teach us a few tricks
  8. i've been meaning to get some better pics for a while

    i now sport a "luggage rack" back there which makes cool scraping noises :LOL: