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Quick Motorcycle Parking Survey

Discussion in 'Research, Studies, and Data' started by PatB, Mar 18, 2014.

  1. As part of my Grad Cert in Professional Writing, I have to devise and administer a short questionnaire on a subject which interests me. Once again, I find myself relying on the collective wisdom and generosity of Netrider and your help would be much appreciated.

    I've put together a very brief survey on the effect of availability of convenient, secure motorcycle parking on people's decision to commute by bike.

    The survey is here <a href="https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/XZQYC8H">Click here to take survey</a>

    I'm afraid this is not going to get your employer to provide a centrally heated, air conditioned garage for your bike, but I will post the results here if they are of interest to anyone.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Done, but I couldn't answer the question about public motorcycle parking b/c I park on the footpath. Victoria has "some" advantages :)
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  3. Sounds like free public motorcycle parking to me :).
  4. Yes, but it's VERY public. Ask Hawklord about how his bike got pinched from in front of his work, and what the cops did with the identifying information he got for them. I imagine you can guess tho...
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    Done, but I think we Victorians and footpath parking may put a bump in your data.:) Good luck with the course Pat.
  6. I did think of that but, in this case, conducting the survey is the object of the exercise, rather than the results. I'll be interested to see what, if anything, pops out though.

    Thanks to all who've responded so far.
  7. Done, but, I feel like this is based towards people who live in the city and work in some corporate building.

    On the Sunshine Coast, for me I just park my bike along the wall out the back of my work, every day, any day, so the survey was slightly redundant.
  8. Done. Another lover of footpath parking here.
  9. Done, we have free bike parking and they are building a shelter there today so can't complain. Only thing is it is pretty small for the number of bikes we have.
  10. Hi Pat, all done good luck with the course.

    Cheers Jeremy
  11. Done. Any excuse to complain about Mawson Lakes.
  12. Done. Good luck with the course.
  13. Done. It is a little strange from a country town perspective, but still some relevance.
  14. I was at one of our offices in Kolkata last week 20140313_114228. - there is definitely bike parking provided there.
  15. Done. I figured riding around the boom gates at the next door Wilson parking station counts as free public parking. Not sure if Mr Wilson feels the same way.
  16. Done, I park on the footpath in NSW right under a no parking sign 5 days a week I think the footpath actually forms part of the building property, not the council's property. Building owner is nice enough to let me be.
  17. Having said that if I'm not right up against the building facade I.e. parked on the road side of the footpath I get a parking fine...