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Quick Lift or Stand, which is better?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by parko, Jun 2, 2006.

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  2. That quick lift is designed for dirt-bikes - you may want to check if its capable of lifting a (heavier) road bike, and if it'll actually fit under one. You'll also want to make sure that the underside of the bike can support it's weight - and that exhaust pipe or something won't get crushed. Probably best off with the bike stands.
  3. unless you have a flat bottom, go the swingarm stand. if you don't have swingarm spools, you will need the stand type that supports the swingarm from underneath. i highly recommend spools though.
  4. The second one is really just for dirtbikes and would be impossible to use with most road bikes.

    Get the lift type like the first one. You only need the rear for basic servicing.
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  6. For anyone out there who owns or has owned a Honda VT250C, I'm also trying to find a rear wheel stand. Will the one Parko bought suit my bike?
  7. Mmmmmmm... I hope it will suit my vtr250! It's ment to be "universal" and will fit "most" bikes... perhaps I should have asked for dimensions first! If it doesn't fit, it looks like it will be up for sale on ebay again pretty soon again! :p + my missus is going to kill me! (gotta stop spending money on my bike! also just puchased a scottoiler!)
  8. I've used the below stand on a VTR250 before, took a little bit of care to get things in place but wasn't a drama...I'd imaging that the VT250 shouldn't be a problem.

    Got it about a year ago in a group buy from http://www.austreetfighter.com.au/ but I can't see it on there anymore but the one that parko has linked to seems to be the same one....