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quick insurance quote update

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by carri27, Oct 18, 2006.

  1. just for info, thought i'd pass this on...

    my comprehensive is coming up for renewal so i got three quotes on my 1998 hornet600. i'm 40, don't commute daily and am on rating 1 but with a fair few speeding fines behind me.

    here's the lo-down:

    i'm currently with RACV and they're quoting $365.39
    in the middle of the pack came Swann quoting $275
    and cheapest by a country mile is Western QBE at $219 though they have a theft excess of $500 'cos i don't have a lock-up garage.

    quick guess on who's getting my business :grin:
  2. What did Shannons quote you?
  3. theres also that new Arista or whatever, which i keep hearing about.
  4. they won't quote if you don't have a lock-up garage of your own.
    i'm in a carport with 12 other vehicles from our block of flats.
  5. QBE is doing really well at the mo. AAMI wanted $1100 plus excess for my '95 postie. i couldn't help laughing at him. QBE quote $275 plus excess, but when i told them Racv would do it for $165 they dropped it to $140 full comp!!!!!!!! (as long as i could prove the RACV quote)
  6. We just did the QBE thing as well for our old beaten Honda. We only got 3rd party insurance because my brother just got his licence and is using it sometimes. The others were either stupidly expensive or wouldn't even think of insuring.
  7. Anyone know if the Honda Insurance is worth taking a look at? Noticed on the Honda site when you buy a Honda bike you get free Honda club membership for 12 months - and also they give you supposedly cheap insurance.

    I haven't called them for a quote yet but have gotten a quote from QBE as a comparison.
  8. I got a quote from them, real cheap!.........then i read the pds which only included accident, not theft or 3rd party :shock:

    I'm with Swann, through Honda, and I'm not a member.
  9. They go through Swann, who got my business for the Hornet. $404 for 25yo (at the time) with a lock-up garage and an un-named policy.