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Quick Hi to everyone

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Lukewarm, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. Just a quick hello to introduce myself
    I ride a GS500 03 model with mods, have been riding for about 5-6years and loving it have done a few tours about including a lap of Tasmania (I recommend everyone with a bike do this at least once), I do the snowy ride each year and just about to do my second track day this week at Oran Park.
    Think thats about it so hello all and hope to speak to you all soon :beer:

  2. Welcome!

    Where you from?
  3. Sydney, Yagoona near Bankstown :eek:hno:
  4. Hi Lukewarm,
  5. Howdy Lukewarm! Welcome to the forums! :grin:
  6. welcome, hopefully i will see you on the snowy ride
  7. Hey Lukewarm,

    Welcome to the forums :)
  8. Welcome to the nuthouse.. :grin:
  9. Welcome Lukewarm, I know you'll enjoy your time here.
  10. Welcome Luke. Tasmania and Snowy are both in my plan.
  11. Hey there, youve come to the right place for a better than Lukewarm reception. :grin: Welcome to the forum.
  12. Thanks everyone glad to be here :grin:
  13. hey lukewarm... welcome...

    I can vouch for tasmnania.. its awesome, head in any direction out of the boat along teh old highways and you will find a road somewhere with little or no cars and the occasional cop who just wants to check out you bike...
  14. Hi Lukewarm, and welcome to the forums.

    Can you tell me what mod's have you done to your GS? Mine is pretty boring, looks (and sounds) like all the others. :roll:

    I have been searching the net and can't find much so would be interested to hear what you have done.
  15. Good boik, the GS's - welcome :)