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Quick hi (adelaide)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by nicknsr, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. Howdy all,

    Just thought id say hi as i have been browsing for a little while now and have not yet done so.

    Im from Adelaide. I have had my Ls for about 2 days now and am loving it. I ride an NSR150sp and have owned it for just over a month. I never thought i would watch the weather report with such interest and loath the rain as much as i do now haha...

    well that will do for now.

    take it easy..

  2. quick hi right back at ya! :grin:
  3. G/Day Nicknsr, I`m quite new to NR and have found some great people in the community, so have fun, make friends and ride safe... :cool:
  4. Hi there fella well have a blast and ride safe.
  5. G'day & welcome , enjoy motorcycling now that you just got your "L's" .. :wink:
  6. Welcome to the forum.. :grin:
  7. hey mate, welcome,

    and enjoy the weather coming up in the next few months :)

    wat area of adelaide are you?

    and do come in next wed night for a coffee/cake or main meal,

    our coffee thread can be found in "Other states" forum section.

  8. im from the northern suburbs (around Pooraka).

    Yeah i hope we get some nice weekends over the next few months. The sky looks pretty nice right now so i might just take advantage of it.

    Ill try my best and see if i can make it next wed. If not i will make it sooner or later :)
  9. welcome nick, congrates on gettin ur l's hope u have a ball but please ride safe. u will will meat life time friends on here and i hope u have a blast