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Quick HELP!! New GPX or used ZZR

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Vivendus, Aug 4, 2006.

  1. Ok, im buying from a dealership,

    Do i get a new GPX250 with ORC + 6 months rego for $6200

    or a used 05 ZZR (black) done 5k, with rego for $6750?

    Im thinking of resale value later down the line, and which bike would be better for me to ride.
    Both bikes feel comfortable and both look sweet.

    Im getting a whole set of riding gear along with the bike to lower the total package cost- but i presume itll be about the same discount whichever bike i go for?

    What do you do? What... do you do?!!
  2. New Bike has 2 years warranty

    Used bike has alredy had the money that you will lose on a new bike taken off.

    Damned if you do damned if you dont.

    Perrsonally, they are fairly similar bikes, as a learner the difference in power aint worth the keystrokes to document them. I'd go the GPX
  3. ZZR will have 3 month/5k dealership warranty and has rego until Jan (same as GPX for those that cant be bothered working it out )

    im thinking resale value for the GPX in a years time will be mid 4's
    while resale for the ZZR will be in mid 5's.....

    like you said Vic, damned if you do and damned if you dont :(
  4. Both basicly the same bike, just different styling.

    We cant answer the styling choice for you (neither is considered cooler than the other).

    The ZZR is too expensive for a secondhand I think, remember you will have to pay transfer fee on it (if applicable to your state), where the GPX is ORC included (though demand 12 months rego).

    Even at 5k kms its used and probably out of warranty, year old tyres will be getting ordinary. And kms are never gauranteed.

    If your bike choice is out of those two I would definatly say the GPX. Or go find a better deal on a ZZR.
  5. Zero difference in power, they are the exact same engine and gearbox. Different sprocket, but GPX has smaller tyre so it works out the same.

    GPX is about 5kg lighter (despite the ZZR being the one with the aloy frame)
  6. If you have the choice, its new all the way. The gpx is cheaper already, plus the 5k less km, will prob make resalre value about the same. Not to mention that youre getting a new bike. Did I mention that youre getting a new bike.
  7. Sooo many threads on the differences between the two.

    Basically GPX - bit sportier [and the bike I started on]. ZZR bit tourier - might have a preload adjuster on the rear that the gpx doesnt.

    Much of a muchness on power and everything else.

    Hmmm... warranty would tip me to the gpx.


  8. Follow your heart and get the GPX ;) . You can then use the $550 for some riding gear. You'll love the GPX. Don't worry too much about resale value, its to early for that. Ride it well and take good care of it. Good resale value will follow come the time you want to part with it.
  9. so you have 2 bikes pretty much exactly the same

    $6200 for a NEW bike
    $6750 for a USED bike

  10. Heh yeah it's a tough one eh? Personally I think the ZZR is a little bit sexier (apologies to my GPX :oops:), and like Vic said it's already had that big value drop... the GPX is a little less sporty and maybe a little more comfortable riding position, but essentially my understanding is that they're the same bike. Have you got a mate who knows what he's doing to look at the bike? Just check that it's been sold straight away because someone was upgrading to unrestricted, not that they've flogged it or dropped it or something.

    Personally normally I'd usually say go used, simply for the amount of savings and you're looking to get rid of it anyways in a year. But as you're buying so new I don't know if that's used enough to make a difference, (maybe one of our more experienced riders can help us on that one?) so basically have a feel which one is more comfortable (I think the ZZR has just a little bit more aggressive riding position), then weigh that against which one you like the look of most, and you're sorted.

    Oh one point, are you planning to take pillion (when you're ready)? Because I think the GPX has a slightly better setup for pillion, they're closer to you and lower so just that little bit less of an issue.

    I'm gonna envy you either way! :LOL:
  11. on 03 models the ZZR is about $1000 more $$$$ so yes the ZZR all things being equal will hold resale better.
  12. or you could go a sexy brand new Hyo gt250r for $6,500... :LOL:
  13. GPX is better value (it's NEW!), but I'd be haggling to get 12 months rego, if nothing else in the deal.

    Resale value will be poor on any 250 bought from new. You will lose at least 25% of the purchase price in a year. Moral: enjoy the bike for a couple of years.
  14. GPX I would go. But try to get 12 months rego for $6K. I have seen $6k ride away with 12 months rego.
  15. When I was buying second hand bikes for my restrictions, I would have preferred the ZZR, but they were more expensive (read: ZZR = better resale). Having said that, I think they are asking too much for that one. Why not buy a ZZR for about $3-4k, ride it, maybe drop it (and lose less than dropping a new one), sell it and don't lose as much money?
  16. Update:

    *sigh* Well i called the dealership and while the ZZR was in the workshop (read: not yet on the floor) some dude walked in and put it on his credit card for $400 more than what they offered it to me.

    Even telling them that i wanted first refusal, you cant blame them for selling it, they are a business, and this bloke didnt even want it detailed.

    Oh well..... so thanks very much to everyone that replied, but i guess that narrows the choice down considerably!

    Now the next chapter is called; do i buy the formula 1 sports exhaust with the $ i saved!!!?!!


  17. No! Ride with an unsexy sounding bike like meeee!!! :p
  18. gpx wins my vote
  19. Hey, they sound great!

    Ever run it up to 10,000rpm in a garage? :grin:
  20. They sound like freakin' tractors. There's nothing good about the sound of a gpx. Good little bikes though. Best sounding 250 I've heard is the kwaka zx2r, now that's sexy.