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Quick GS500 vs GS500F question

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by dub, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. Hi all, just a quick newbie question.

    I'm venturing into the world of motorbiking and after reading all the valuable learner bike posts have decided on getting a GS500 but have not decided on the fared or naked version. Is the difference only what the faring gives you (ie wind resistance, difference headlight, a few extra kgs etc) or is the rider position slightly changed between models? I think I prefer the naked but am not really fussed but at 6'7 the riding position is going to be a deciding factor.

    Any other suggestions will be appreciated.

    Thanks guys (and gals).
  2. AFAIK there is no difference is seat position. Just the added weight of fairings, about 11Kg.
    If you are going to use the bike to commute around the ACT, or travel to Syd, Melb the fairings will offer you some protection from cold winter air, and make the ride more comfortable.
    You may have noticed that the fairings stick out further than most sports bikes. WHY?, because the engine is air cooled and this allows more air around the engine, hence the fairings will shield most of your legs, well maybe not your long ones, but most peoples.
    take both for a test ride on a cold day, you'll soon see what I'm getting at.

    p.s. get some heated hand grips too.
  3. Just had a look at the Suzuki website, and the pegs & bars on both are in exactly the same position. So the riding position will be the same. I reckon you should go the "F" version, especially coming into that cold Canberra winter...
  4. I had the F and it is a great bike to learn on and keep for a few years ,if $$$ stops you from up -grading.

    100% go with the F ,same reasons as the other guys said
  5. 6'7 ?!? Good Lord! Have a look at Suzuki DR-Z400SM - most people need a ladder to climb on one of those so it should be just right for a freak like yourself :)
  6. Yeah i know, I'm a freak and finding a bike that fits comfortably will always be the challenge, I have to give it a go though.

    Thanks for the responses guys, if anybody is a freak like me or knows of one who rides, what do they ride? Yes I have read all the previous tall rider posts, but 6'1 is not tall in my world. Are there any 6'5+ riders out there?
  7. i believe that qbnspeedfreak is selling his GS500f... tis a nice bike :grin:
  8. the faired version is actually only 6kg heavier wedge on here rides a gs500f he is 6'7 and has no problems on the bike

    yes and as it has been said i have 1 for sale now its a 05 model have a look in bikes for sale if you are interested

    i am in queanbeyan so nice and close if you want to have a look
  9. Hey Dub, welcome and all that....i am 6'7" and find the GS500F to be great, very comfortable and great for all aspects of riding. The fairing provides you with some protection from the wind and when your going a bit quicker :wink:
    I looked at a range of bikes that could fit me, but found the riding position to be better than the zzr's or the across.
    It will fulfill all your riding needs while your on restrictions, has great mileage and is comfy if you plan on doing a few longer rides.
    If you have any other queries about the bike dont hesittate to ask :grin:

    I know its been said, but qbnspeedfreak has one up for sale that he's had since brand new and its in great condition. Even if you want to look at one and sit on it to see how it feels give him a PM or swing by next time we have a coffee meet at Civic. (Monday fortnight, 26th/03)

    Good luck
  10. Thanks wedge, great to hear that a rider our size can be comfortable on a bike and a LAM's one at that.

    I have to organise to do my L's but after that you just may have sold me on which one sits at the top of the list to test ride, granted it's a pretty short list. I'll definately check out qbnspeedfreak's if it is still around come that time.

    Thanks everyone else who has replied.
  11. I ride a GS500 (old model) and I'm only 5'8". As such I dont think you'll be very comfortable on it, much as they're a very good bike for commuting.

    You might need to look at a dual sport of some kind. Motards are pretty cool too - a Duke would be a really fun bike in the city or in the twisties.

    One of my mates was 6' 4 1/2" (and another inch in his boots) and it was a real struggle for him to find a comfortable bike through much of his riding career (as it has been for me - at 5'8" your mainly sitting on your nuts). I think his favourite bike still is the Diversion 900 which has been his daily rider for the last decade.

  12. dont take offence but are you reading all the posts?

    wedge said he was 6'7" and he rides a gs500f and he finds it perfectly fine
  13. And I ride one at 5'8" and find the leg position cramped.

    It's my opinion. Wedge has his. people like different peg-seat-bar triangles. Depending on age, fitness, leg to body ratio it's going to be different for every person.

    No offence meant and certainly none taken.

    Dub can take it for a spin an make his own mind up.
  14. There isn't mush of a choice at the moment considering I'm not a huge fan of the motards, don't want a trail and a cruiser probably isn't suited to what I want to do (ie commute and a few shorter fun rides). It only really leaves street bikes and I guess the GS and the ER-5 are probably the only realistic choices at the moment - need to be LAMS.

    I will definately test ride a few different ones though when the time is right.

    qbnspeedfreak, sorry to hear about the fall. I hope the VTR gets back on the road soon and you get close to what you want if you have to sell the GS.
  15. whole bunch of you tall m'fers out there isn't there??

    when i was little i thought - can't wait to be 6'. Best mates 6'6 but i'm taller than the rest.

    but i hate being average height. except...........


    6'7 huh? you must hit your head on a lot of $h!t!!!! :shock: