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Quick! CBR600f

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by nice2Bnaked, May 24, 2007.

  1. Does anyone know if the subframe fairing (ducktail) from a cbr600f 1996 is different from the 92/93 model? its on ebay and i WANT it... heres a pic...



    Would anyone agree on a difference?
  2. And what about the seat... Same subframe, same seat?

  3. 99.95% sure they will fit

    the seat base has the same part number for the f2 and early f3

    the 96 fairing is still the square tail light model so it will fit also

    the later round/triangular style taillight fairings are different
  4. call a honda dealer dont they have part diagrams i know kawasaki dealer has other than that i got no idea sorry
  5. i checked against a honda parts microfiche and i know my G00Fs ;)
  6. Here's a brilliant web site that will cross referance any Honda part number accross all the Honda range & also tell you what countries they were exported to. http://www.bike-parts.fr/recherche_piece.php

    Yes, I know it's French but it's pretty easy to figure out :)
  7. sweet as, thanks guys... Oh, N*A*M, please dont outbid me... he he. Do you have any pics of youre bike at all? I am interested to see what youve done...

    I really like this one...

  8. don't worry, i don't need fairings. here's a few pics... :D

  9. yeah, thats a tough ride... road reg too? nice.
  10. gotta keep it street