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Quick Caption Competition #3

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by pete the freak, Apr 24, 2007.

  1. It's that time again folks, as usual 10 bonus points* for each of the funniest captions...




    *Which can be redeemed at our lovely gift shop.
  2. 1. If I move this anal floss out of the way, I'm sure the bottle will fit.

    2. The MRAA's new slogan, "Welcome to the MRAA, Our wheels have fallen off"

    3. These "Airbag jackets suck, they always go off unexpectedly"
  3. 1. "Why does everyone think I'm a lesbian just because I ride a cruiser?"
    2. "Maybe that was kg/m not lb/ft"
    3. Vic beat me to my first idea so guess I'll go with
    "This is why we have cruisers"
  4. 1. DuHAST was right - riding a cruiser feels good.

    2. The crusty guys have nothing on me.

    3. If this guy gets to use his knee sliders Gravity will win.
  5. 1: "I told him i was sick of him riding me, so he got the next best thing"
    2: "1 wheel... 2 wheels... ok im getting off"
    3: "I had to eat 2 cows to make this suite!"
  6. 1: I have a lickher licence
    2: seth does it again... the no wheel landing
    3: A cow and a half of fat filled kawa filth...
  7. 1. I hope the bike doesn't sh1t itself.............I don't think this bottle will hold it all!
    2. HAH!..................landing wheels are for pansies
    3. Does this bike make me look bigger than normal????
  8. 1. Sally modelled for her boyfriend's airbrush job... "Now I know what he's looking at... hawt!"

    2. Company PR brochure: MX jackhammering service R us.

    3. With the open weight division sportsbike class cup in the balance, Roger spends a moment while waiting for marshalling instructions... "I suppose that diet pill isn't going to help me now?"
  9. 1. How do I attach this strap-o-dictomy again?

    2. Hey, pigeons, let's see how you like it!

    3. Damn! I need a new suit. This one's too loose!
  10. 1. I said "Suck start a Harley not tart stuck to Harley!"

    2. Note to self... don't cheat with the mechanics wife.

    3. WTF?!? They said this ZX12 would do 10 second quarters!
  11. 1. Honey, it's a dummy fuel cap! Where do you fill 'er up?

    2. Now for the next part of my stunt....to land back on the wheels!

    3. 'Michelin Man' promotes his own tyres.

  12. 1. The bottle in my hand explains the rest.

    2. Trying for that extra 'air' Evel Knevel Jnr remembered that he'd forgotten to tighten up his axles.

    3. Weight Watchers 'before' Champion, 2006.
  13. 1. They say that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush but I reckon a beer in the hand is worth a bum in the bush"

    2 that's the last time I'll get peter stevens to service the bike"

    3 Does this bike make me look fat