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Quick Caption Competition #2

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by pete the freak, Feb 28, 2007.

  1. Back for another round of hilarity, here's the three photo's:




    10 bonus points for the funniest caption for each picture...

    Go for it!
  2. 1: While the Rangers were distracted with the grid girls Bobo the bear makes a break for it.

    2. Honey, i shrunk the bike!

    3. Guinness Book of Records attempt No.4 at Simultaneous Mass Wedgie!! :shock:
  3. 1: I can't bear to be without my Yammy...

    2: Mechanical Sympathy? Bah, whats that?

    3: One way to get skid marks on your pants...
  4. 1. The bear that raided our share market today makes his quick getaway with our loot.

    2. Another Netrider scooter member happy with his 70cc upgrade kit.

    3. Its green, its mean and everyone wants one between their legs.
  5. 1. Lets see you prove it was me that was hooning

    2. I think I can, I think I can....ah darn, no I can't!

    3. At least it will be a soft landing
  6. 1. I suffer from short bear syndrome. Wheelies make me feel taller

    2. Man, I stopped wearing undies and i still got that wedgie feeling.

    3. pooohheeyy. Which one of you farted
  7. 1. What would a bear want with a bike
    2. Ma I got a Wedgie
    3. Das ist, was du für das Benennen deines Kommandant Schwein Gesichtes erhältst
  8. Lol, went to babel fish to translate and it came back with this:

    That is, which you receive for designating your commander pig of face.
  9. 1. Thats my Aunty Maria just before her waxing appointment.

    2. Anyone seen my rollerblade?

    3. Skid Mark attempt #1
  10. 1) Well you hid the picnic basket but I found the keys of the bike.

    2)I wonder why it takes me longer everyday to get to McDonalds. I may try Hungry Jacks.

    3) Dam, is there any nut helmet available?

  11. [1] The park visitors could hear the Ranger shouting; "YOGIEEEE" ...smarter than your average bear!

    [2] I have an idea and all the kids will want one... I'll call them pocket bikes

    [3] Soon zey vill see zat zee German Army has balls harder zan schteel. And ze vorld vill be mine!!
  12. Yeah I started with that is what you get for calling your commander Pig Face. and then let google translator at it (Note
    A) the look of teh face on teh guy riding,
    8) the plate on the front of the bike.
  13. 1. "Hey Boo-Boo, I found something better than picnic baskets!"

    2. "Damn! I don't remember eating a scooter! I guess it had to come out some time!"

    3. "With the combined power of our farts, we can propel anything off the ground!"
  14. 1: look ma no helmet :grin:

    2: big billy burns the byways on his busa :LOL:

    3: This looked like a good idea on the white board :shock:
  15. 1. BEAR(tm). Bikewear for men.
    2. Scooters, they're not for everyone.
    3. This will teach you guys for talking trash about my wife
  16. hehhe

    Heeeeeeeeeeeey Boo Boo, are those picnic baskets?!

    Question: Which one has more horses...?
    The scooter (horse power)
    That man (for dinner)

    Group vasectemi
  17. 1. The Big, Brown Bear Brazenly Bolted, Bagging it on the Back of the Bold, Black and Blue Bike.

    2. Look at that poor little scoot; you can smell it's fear... and clutch.

    3. 6 police officers. 12 testicles. 1 man. 1 bike. 1 chance.
  18. 1 who ordered a stripper for the netrider party?
    2 who ordered a clown for the netrider party?
    3 the stripper and the clown didnt show so we watched these guys

  19. :LOL:
  20. Hot dog I think we have a weiner. COngrats to the new kid on the block 'jasonw', you get 30 bonus points for tying all three together, and for the use of the words 'stripper' and 'clown'.

    Well done Jason, kudos to you...