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Quick bit o' help: experienced Kwaka riders

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Ktulu, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. Most excellent dudes,

    I am currently motorcycle shopping and for various reasons believe a Kawasaki ZX6R late 1999, 2000, 2001 or 2002 is the right bike for me.

    This is based on some brief research, but mainly a ride I had of a 98 model.
    It fit me perfectly and I have never been so comfortable and confident on a bike as that one. So basically, I know I like the feel, but I prefer the look of the early 2000 models a lot more and I can afford to go a bit newer than a 98.

    So pretty much 1 question: does a 2000 ZX6R [seat, bar and riding position] feel the same or similar to the older 98 model???

    I only ask instead of test-riding because no dealers down here have them, and I'm looking at driving 5 hours each way to check one out that would be ideal if all goes according to plan.

  2. I think 98-02 were pretty much the same bike.

    My better half has a 98 (the green/purple/white one), and it seems to be a good bike. The 636's (02+) are more agressive in their seating position (head down bum up).

    Pros: (in relation to a 98 model)
    Smooth power delivery
    Getting cheap
    6 pot front calipers rock (not sure if they were on the 99+ models though)

    Don't expect to do much riding in cold moist air unless you've got the carb heater kit fitted - the carbs freeze up (this applies to ZX9R's of the same vintage too)
    Standard kwaka rattle
  3. The 03 were the first of the very aggresive models.

    The 98 will be very similar position wise to the 02 (go the 02 it's a 636 without the wrist killer riding position)
  4. Yes.

    I'm actually on the same wavelength as you ktulu. I love the 6rs, but the 03+ seating position isn't the best for the amount of commuting/touring I intend to be doing and aren't pillion friendly. Pre 03 models on the other hand are more upright (but still sporty), have good power, good for pillions (comfort + handles).

    The main thing holding me back at the moment is the colour schemes. But thats just a matter of finding one thats already been resprayed at some point. Its on my list of possibilities.
  5. pre 2002 sixes are effectively the same bikes except for 2002, Kawasaki increased the engine capacity to 636cc - aka ZX-636.

    2003 is completely a newer model with aggressive style, fuel-injected and more track-oriented. :wink:
  6. Cheers, lads.

    I know about 636's and when they got EFI etc.
    My big concern was the riding position. There are a few good bikes out there that I am just not comfortable on at all, and I've had to cross them off the list :(

    Well! Time to plan a trip up the coast to inspect a bike, methinks :grin:
  7. Yep I can vouch for that. Have had a few issues with carb icing through the last couple of months. It seems like some do it and some don't as a few variables determine whether it happens or not. Theres a couple of ways around it of which fitting later model carbs with the heaters is one of them but its not a too bigger issue if you dont intend to ride in frosty conditions. :LOL:

    Other than that they are a hell of a fun bike. A hint of old school grunt about them and the sound of the ram air is pretty cool too.

    The thing I like about them most is the size and as you mentioned the riding position. Riding through tight twisties they seem to demand a bit of physical persuassion but still remain well planted if the surface gets a bit rough mid corner. Makes you feel like you've earned a rest after a solid session of good roads. Maybe thats just the way I ride it. :?

    And the ride position. You can pretty much ride all day without getting sore wrists or back. A bit more tour friendly than more modern sports bikes which means you can do some big days, hence the rubber footpegs :p

    Thats all I can add really from my experience.