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Quick 'bike + dog' story before bed...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Ktulu, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. Once upon a time...

    Many moons ago, my family lived on a 5 acre lot in Kellyville, a suburb of nor-western Sydney, about 1/2 an hour from Parramatta [if that helps interstate people].

    We had some delightful neighbours and no fences except for treelines that meant you couldn't SEE your neighbours, but all our dogs could play together at will and pretty much roam wherever they wished without getting too far from their food-bowls.
    Our neighbours to the left had a lovely but shy collie called Tipper.
    He was quite timid, but would love chasing a ball and would sit absolutely stone still for as long as you were prepared to scratch his head :)

    One sunny Saturday afternoon, our other neighbour's son was visiting his folks with a friend of his. They were both riding large Harley's of some description and had the appropriate black-leather everything on. As they were leaving and each rider performed a U-turn in our cul-de-sac I had run up the driveway to see the bikes that were making all this noise [I wasn't riding then, so it was 'damned noise' and 'Get off my lawn!'].
    As I reached the top of the driveway, I witness Tipper - our friendly neighbourhood probably-useless-as-a-sheepdog collie launch himself towards the lead bike, and catching it in record time!
    Tipper managed to get level with the front-tyre of the bike and that is when the voices told him...

    "Tipper!... Tipper! You see that spinning black thing with the shiny bits in the middle?
    Well that thing tastes better than the most delicious rabbit you've ever eaten, thrown up and then eaten again. You should bite it."

    And he listened.

    As Tipper's jaws clasped the front wheel just forwards of the guard, his teeth gripped and his head was pulled straight down under it. His mouth was run over before he let go and in his attempt to get away after the voices told him...

    "Well, maybe that wasn't the best idea we've ever had then... but we were totally right about those Mormons remember!"

    ... the right foot-peg caught his skull, puncturing it above and exactly between his eyes.

    As Youstupidbloodyd... I mean, Tipper limped back over to me, I could see this warranted a trip to the vet's. He followed me back to my house and we called his owners over.
    He was in pain and rather defensive, he would only allow my sister and myself near him and so we pet him gently to calm him down in all the places he wasn't bleeding.
    BTW, the guy on the bike kept riding, he looked pretty scared at the prospect of getting pulled of his bike by a dog, and he DID call his parents to check that their neighbours dog was ok, later on.
    Anyways, I have forgotten to mention that Tipper's brain was visible through the hole in his head.
    You may have heard the saying "More fun than a hole in the head." - well, there is probably truth to that.

    Upon arriving at the vet's, we unceremoniously skipped the queue amid exclamations of "Cripes there's a chunk of his head missing!", "Yeah, you go on... I'm just here to get this one some worm tablets." and "What'd you shoot him with?"
    A brief four-letter word from the vet, followed by a sedative, wound cleanse and some antibiotics and Tipper will live to kill himself another day!

    The End.

    G'night all. Watch out for collies!
  2. Great story Ktulu, glad the dog was ok. Sounds like something my silly mutt would do. :LOL:
  3. Loved it! Now I will sleep sound knowing that Tipper survived, hooray!
  4. Sometimes, dogs and bikes do mix well together!
    Check out my mate and his dog, sadly Cash is no longer alive,
    but I'm told there is a new pup Bundy learning to ride/balance nowadays.
    I hope to give Bundy a pat at the Barry Sheene ride to the GP this year.



  5. I did know a boxer (dog that is) who went one better and tangled with a light aircraft propellor :roll:

    It just grazed to top of his head fractured the skull and also exposed the brain. He survived as well but he really took out the ugly award for the scars (and he was always a bit demented afterwards). :LOL:
  6. Boxers are not known for their brains (having trained and showed two Boxers, I've had plenty of experience at their lack of grey matter.....), although my first dog was living proof that dogs DO remember....

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    P.S. Loved that story!!!
  7. He belonged to a friend of a friend. He had a very placid temprament except if there was a cat around. He liked to eat cats (literally) :?
  8. A friend used to have a boxer crossed with a rottweiler. His name was Cobber, and he had the most gentle temperament ever.

    Tail like a whip, it HURT.

    He died of cancer about 6 years ago now. I was really sad when I heard.
  9. I want to teach my golden retriever to ride with me, but she's a big fraidycat sometimes, and she might just be too big for my tank.

    Any hints on teaching dogs to ride?
  10. You should be OK as long as her legs reach the footpegs.
    :LOL: :LOL:
  11. I have a Norwegian Elkhound called Manny who likes to sleep on the back seat of Mrs Incitaus's car when we go shopping. One day a couple of years ago it was my turn to do the late night thursday shopping duties and I parked in my usual spot about 100 meters from the entrance, leaving Manny fast asleep on the back seat with the window down just enough for him to get his head out, but not his body. An hour later I returned with a trolley load, dumped it in the boot and walked to the drivers door to get in. As I pressed the remote unlock button on the key fob, a hand grabbed my shoulder from behind and another reached for the keys, I was being carjacked by two blackfellas!, but not for long. About that time it all went wrong for the poor bugger standing behind me with his hand on my shoulder, you see his head was just level with the back window and Manny was clamped firmly to his left ear. It all happened in a few seconds, but the noise the would-be car thief made was blood curdling. He and his mate legged it at the speed of light trailing blood, and Manny was taken straight to McDonalds for a Big Mac.
  12. "They call him Tipper, Tipper, faster than Harleys......"
  13. What happened after several moons later, was Tipper survived by your neighbour's son or the Harley rider was survived by Tipper?
  14. Awww poor fella :(
  15. Used to have a lovely collie, her moments of glory included biting a running chainsaw (all those wood chips too tempting to catch!) and living to tell the tail with only a few chipped teeth. She always did get a bit too excited..
  16. I went to a dynoday out his way a month and a bit ago. Can you pm me his email address as i cant find the card he wrote his on, i want to send him the pics of his pup, got some right corkers of the little darling, so cute it's not funny :).


  17. RIP to all the dogs that don't make it through an accident. :(

    My staffy(Tallis) bites my tyres even when the Gixxer hasn't been cranked up all day! He just hates it! Maybe he's a Yamaha fan? :LOL:


    As you may have noticed..... he doesn't like camera's also. Maybe he's a Cannon fan :LOL: