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Quick Action Throttle on ZX10r?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Pumpin88, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. Hi guys, thinking of buying a quick action throttle for my 09 ZX10r.

    The standard throttle is 75 degrees from open to closed. coming off dirt bikes with like 50 degrees from open to closed its kinda annoying. To go full throttle i really have to grab a huge handfull of grip and if i want to back off to cover the brake i have to let go of the bar 8-[

    The quick action will reduce my throttle open-closed from 75 to 70,63 or 61 degrees. now the bike is quick as is so im a little worried about its rideability.

    Anyone have a quick action on their bike? hows it working for you?
  2. [Shrug.] Try it if you like. You can always take it off again.
  3. Yeah I think the 'throw' on the throttle of modern sports bikes is a little too long, having said that I wouldn't go to extreme, maybe even 70?
  4. Road bikes are not like dirties. Even had a 1/4 turn on my 525. Never had one on a road or race bike.
    Your don't twist the wrist on a road bike. Look at any top level rider and he will have two callouses on his right hand. One on the inside of his thumb and usually one on the second finger in from the pinkie. Learn to use your thumb more and you wont feel the need for a quick throttle.
    A quicky can make finding a trailing throttle a real pain in the ass
  5. Just tie a knot in the throttle cable ;).
  6. Borrowed from the Kawasaki Sportbike Riders Forum....

    "Re: CRIM quick action throttle

    Postby Gosling1 on Thu Aug 28, 2008 10:48 pm

    MadKaw wrote:.....You can make them yourself if you can find the right plastic tube size........

    I've knocked up a few of these Jeebz, its a piece of piss.

    The 'right' plastic size is......the flared end of normal orange plastic electrical conduit ! I *think* its about 20mm diameter (something like that), and the process is really easy....(you can only use the wider flared end, about 30mm at the end of any length of orange conduit/fitting is flared)

    Cut a 4mm wide 'strip' off the flared end of the conduit
    Tidy up the cut-off section with a small round file
    Useing a pair of sidecutter, remove a section of the piece about 8mm long - this may need to be trimmed down a 'tad'. This will give you a 'C' shaped piece of conduit, 4mm wide, with a gap that should be about 8mm wide.

    Pull the throttle assembly apart, and with the cables loose and hanging in the breeze, adjust both cables so that you have *maximum* freeplay.

    In the throttle housing, there are 2 small rectangular tabs that are part of the casting, on the inside of the bottom piece - these get in the way with the throttle insert (both this style and the ebay one) - the trick to removing these, is to use a small 5mm wide *sharp* chisel - put the housing on a bench, get the chisel in *exactly* the right spot hard against the side of the housing and centred over the small tab.......and one good sharp smack with a hammer (not too hard), will instantly remove the tab. Repeat on the other side of the housing. You can **** around for hours with a file if you want, this method is short sharp and effective. Don't hit too hard or you may drive the chisel too far into the housing. You may have to use the chisel to remove any remaining trace of the tab, otherwise the throttle could stick.

    You then just slip the orange piece of conduit over the stock inner throttle housing - the bit where the cables normally sit. Then refit the cables and upper assembly all together..........

    This should result in a throttle that is now about 1/5th turn, that does not bind, and which cost SFA to make.

    Hoffy has one of these on his barge, there is one on my barge, and another one on Aussie Ninjas crim (ZX10). Its a real cheap and easy mod, and so far, all 3 inserts have worked without fault.....mine has been on for >12 months now.

    The only thing you may find is that you now have *zero* freeplay on the throttle cables - that is what happened with AussieNinja's 10 - as soon as you touch the throttle, it starts to rev. With both barges, there is a poofteenth of play left in the cables.....its no big deal really.
  7. Yeah, I've fitted a quick action throttle to my 1000rr.
    It was a while ago so I'm not 100 % sure of the details but I think it changed the throttle from 1/4 to 1/6, 90 degrees to 60 degrees.
    The main reason for the change was to be able to go full throttle without adjusting my grip.
    It hasn't caused me any problems with control or rideability.
    I'm happy with the change.
  8. Thanks for all the input guys, im gonna pick one up. The throttle throw is riduclous but it does make the bike alot safer to ride.

    Bretto61 all race teams use quick actions throttles, Kawasaki even sell their race kit direct to the public aparently.
  9. Yes lots of racers use the quick throttle. Mostly CNC or alike billet adjustable ones. Adjustable being the big thing there. You can then adjust the turn according to you and the track.
    Me, either my bikes have already had one or I have never felt the need for one. Yeah the Viffer could but it's not a track bike. Or that bigger twist. And as I said I use my thumb more than rolling the wrist so I don't find it a problem.
    The Kawa ones are crap. Like most cheap ones. All they do is make the throttle stiffer to turn. And in turn creating carpel tunnel instead of easing it. And that is mostly what a quick turn throttle is about. keeping a good posture and not inducing carpel tunnel. Might be why I don't like them because I can't use my thumb with most off the shelf ones.
    Think my Duc is std with one. The one on my old 07 ZX cost me about 350 squid and about an hour to fit. Would rather have put the money on the bar.
    While they can be a good thing. They can also create more problems than they solve.
  10. Good for track.

    Not so good for street since theres no middle and lower end.

    its either all or nothing
  11. I disagree with that.
    It's not a light switch.
    After a very short time you don't even notice any difference other than being able to go from 0 to 100% throttle without having to re-adjust your grip.
  12. I agree, within a day or two your throttle control will be spot on and you'll be scratching your head as to why it isnt like that from the factory.
  13. But using 100% throttle on a public road on a 1000cc bike is a guaranteed way to end up without a license!
  14. Or worse. Really depends on your mapping. Why I don't recommend it.
  15. haha, its a good point! a Quick 100% throttle on my R1 is mono time on anything above 6K haha