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Quick Action Throttle - Newbie Question

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Mr.Ed, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. When a product states: "1/6 quick throttle" it means that it will only rotate 1/6? Or is it 1/6 shorter than before? Does anyone here uses something similar? Is it too sensitive? I'm considering this 'cause I ride a 600 and as we all know it takes quite a hard twist of the wrist to get it really going... And it can be a little uncomfortable on long rides. Bad idea? All inputs are welcome. :)

  2. Only useful on track, waste of money for road riding IMO.
  3. 1/6, 1/4 turn throttles etc are deceiving names, as it depends on how much cable needs to be reeled to fully open the throttle bodies/carb (or fly-by-wire) vs the size of the reel on the end of the throttle tube. It is supposed to indicate that 1/6th of a full turn (60 degrees) is required for full throttle, but this is rarely the case.

    I use a cam system whereby the reel on the end of the throttle tube is shaped such that it reels in the throttle cable at a different rate depending on throttle position. My favourite cam opens the throttle about 30 percent over the first 90 degrees of throttle tube rotation, and the remaining 70 percent over the remaining 90 degrees. It gives you much more control when trying to get the power on whilst leant right over, and also on dirty/sandy tarmac. Also has helped me smooth out the transition from brakes to throttle.

    Any 1/6 or 1/4 turn throttle will sacrifice control, but depending on how you ride, that might be fine. For twisty riding, if you find you'd like to be able to snap the throttle open quicker, all it means is you could've just opened the throttle earlier and more progressively. My 2 cents.
  4. 1/4 turn throttles are great, it means you only turn the twist-grip 1/4 of a turn to get to full throttle.

    For sure it makes it easier to get to full throttle, more importantly it keeps your wrist at a more powerful angle over the handlebars at most throttle positions.

    Many twist-grips can turned into a a quicker action type by gluing a piece of plastic zip-tie around the pulley on the end of the throttle grip, this gives a larger diameter pulley to wrap the cable around.

    BE WARNED, make sure everything is clean in throttle before you start gluing, if that piece of plastic should come adrift, you can expect a jamming throttle and sure painful disaster.

    Happy times :grin:
  5. So, if I understood it right, 1/6 would be veeery short! like 10 degrees?
  6. 1/6 of full rotation (360 degrees), ie. 60 degrees.
  7. I see... I guess I fell for the typo! 60º is not that bad... I might consider it.
  8. I used a ramped throttle on my 600. Most of the twist moved the throttle from 0-60%, them from there it was more of a switch.

    You have to be able to get from 0-100% within the range of your wrist.
    Setting up your bike, even your road bike should include this.
    For me it's as basic as moving your lever's so they are comfortable.
  9. Yep! that's what I'm having trouble with... It takes a bit more than my wrist range to reach the stop. Fine most of the time, but when I hear voices in my head it kinda makes me wish for a quicker throttle!
  10. If you have to do a double grab, it definitely needs quickening. Broken wrist in the past?
  11. No, not yet! :LOL:
    I don't need to double grab, but I do need to put my hand on a position that is not comfortable if I want to reach the stop i one go. Either that or move my elbow down a bit, which is not always an option as you can imagine.
  12. i have to disagree, its one of the best mods you can make, better response, easier to ride.
    I rode with one for 10yrs, and id never go back