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Quick 600 for $4000?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by fizmotech, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. I dont have a lot of cash, but I want something quick to have fun on. Dont really care how old as long as its not poked.

    R6 performance on a shoe string budget.

    Any suggestions?

  2. oldish zx6 or if your not fussed on being a 600 id be looking at a zx750 or zx7r if youcan find one for the dosh. or if you want something a bit bigger some of the original ~ 94 900rr fireblades can be had for around that dosh.

    honestly i think your better to save for a couple more months and spend a couple more grand and get something in as good a condition as you can.

    having said that id love a 7r or 900 in my garage
  3. i really wish i could save but dont have any income now
  4. Suddenly this recent model "slow" 650 for near $7500 that I'm looking into isn't seeming like such a good deal :(
  5. There's a few CBR600F2 and F3s around for that money and less, those things are beaut. Also ZX6Rs from the 90s and yes there's early blades too, although I think I'd go for the 600s personally. Oh, and if you can deal with the truly vomitous colour schemes, the old YZF600 and YZF750 Yammies are brilliant bikes, they handle well and I prefer the engine tune to the way they tune most late model 600s.

    Personally I can't deal with the ZX7Rs and ZXR750s, I think they're rolling torture racks, I've ridden 3 or 4 and it only takes 10 minutes to render me damn near crippled.

    So yeah get out and have a look and a few test rides here and there. It's all about the engines, if they've been well maintained they should still feel sharp. You can do a lot to improve things like the suspension, the chain, the tyres which will get them handling well, but you want one with a good motor.
  6. I think others have you covered on the suggestions. I'm just puzzled about how you are planning to afford to *run* a bike with no income...
  7. As per Loz, the F2 and some higher km F3 CBR600's can bought for about that much. Don't be too afraid of how many kms they have, pay more attention to their condition.

    However Bravus has a very good point about being able to afford to run the thing. Fuel, rego, insurance, repairs & maintenence etc. If you choose to cut costs and not insure, please at least consider 3rd party.

    Eitherway good luck with the hunt.
  8. thanks all

    the question was around which bike not how i plan to run it.

    will do some research into the hondas
  9. While the above is true he does have a point.

    Personally i would go with the 600 honda's.
  10. why is that your business? :?
  11. Will you be purchasing decent gear? Do you have money put aside for that as well or do you already have some?
  12. Ignore the nannies :D

    Try to pick yourself up an early (99) r6 thats cosmetically very rough.

    cbr600f can be found for that price, they seem quite bulletproof
  13. :!:
  14. You might get very lucky and find a 98 or 99, which is the G series, ZX6R.
  15. or you could buy a real, all purpose bike....

    The arvo my brother picked up a genuine two-owner 94 VFR-750 with only 60,000 kms, mint condition, for $4,200....
  16. Jeez, he likes his Viffers eh? How many is that now?
    (can't blame him though, they are a great package).

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. I wasn't having a go or having a jab, being negative or being critical. It's none of my business how he intends to run it, but I was just trying to look after his interests in a friendly way by flagging the issue for him if he hadn't considered it. Doesn't bother me if he rides it naked and uninsured, and runs it on metho he steals from winos.
  18. its all good bravus

    i can run it, i need transport.

    loz that WTF cat is on drugs for shoa ha ha

    im looking at cb600fs
  19. which ones have vomititous colors? the ones that stickers fade to pink or the other ones?
  20. +1 on the VFR just ask when the regulator/rectifier was done as they are the only thing to go. I had 170K kms on mine when I sold it.