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Queue-jumping at servos: don't do it

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Bravus, Oct 9, 2008.

  1. Letter in the Courier-Mail today about bikes and scooters jumping the queue at petrol stations. No idea how prevalent it is, but it's a rude and low act, so just don't, OK?

  2. Hahahahahaha.
  3. on Tuesday I was about to pull into the servo and noticed a huge queue of about 10-15 cars lined up, one of the pumps WAS NOT IN USE because of other cars blocking it obviously waiting for the other side to become available, I thought about just shooting through the gap and filling up vs. the consequences of having 15 angry cagers behind me.

    so I kept riding and went to another station.

  4. lane-filtering to the pump? thats pretty brazen.

    I admit that today, while a guy was paying for his fuel, i managed to get the bike in behind his car and fill up the bike from the same pump. I was back out and off before he was. I didnt push infront of anyone, but even if someone was waiting, it would have caused no inconvenience.

    I'd only call it rude if you were actually making someone wait longer than they already would have, or maybe gave them the finger in the process.
  5. Its only rude if you cause inconvienence for them AND rub it in.

    Sometime i fill up, push it to the side then go pay.
  6. Well I kinda did it yesterday. There was one car at the first pump, the next one in front being free. There was one car lined up behind. I went through to the free spot in front leaving enough room for the person behind to get out when they returned to their car, meaning the car lining up would get the spot behind me. No harm no foul i'd say. But hey, cagers are going to find many things to get the sh!ts with us anyway.
  7. I thought I was doing the right thing once by filling up, then moving the bike so the car behind me could fill up whilst I was paying.

    Instead, I almost have my helmet squashed because I left that on the ground when moving my bike :shock:

    Won't be doing that again. Buggers can wait.
  8. If a pump is blocked then I'll use it, there are many times when there are cars lined up at the pumps but the far one has no one waiting for it, either because they're numpties and didn't realise the pump was there, or because their filler cap is on the other side.

    Either way, as long as you're not actually inconveniencing someone, who cares (please not this is NOT the same as someone perceiving that they are being inconvenienced, because most people are unreasonable and generally ignorant ;) )
  9. I'm the same as these blokes, If there is a pump not in use, or being blocked by another car I'll go through the gap and fill up if there are 2 cars waiting to get to it or 20.

    This thread is beginning to sound like a broken record, I hope someone comes in soon with a good story.
  10. What's the go with moving forward to let the next person in while you go to pay? Does the pump not work for them until the last lot has been paid for? Because if you're nice and move out of the way, go in and expect to take a second to pay, that's when you'll meet the douche in front of you paying with 10kg of change/try 7 credit cards/regular having a chat with the assistant, which gives the person behind you plenty of time to use the pump. Does anyone know what happens there? I don't move out of the spot because I'm scared I'lll end up paying for some soccer mum's petrol as well.
  11. Well there was this one time at band camp......
  12. well this one time i went to the front of the queue and i used the pump but i didnt inconvenience anyone lol

    Roy Boy you can move off the spot i do it quite often it just comes up as another purchase i believe
  13. I'd very much like to know this too - eg. when does the billing stop, is it when you put the pump back on its holder or is it done remotely by attendant, or by time? Servo workers let us know please :)
  14. There was this one time, at a servo that was packed, I moved my bike aside and paid for the fuel with CASH!
    as I was returning to by bike to leave, dark clouds gathers and a voice thundered.

    "You have done well my son"
    For that I am going to reward you with a 07 600RR"

    The clouds parted and a nice black 07 600RR descended in a beam of light.

    "It's second hand, but its still good.
    And you have to give XXX $XXXXXX for it."

    The moral of the story is. You never get free bikes no matter wat good deeds you do.
  15. the times ive come near to having several uses, its been a simple matter of the attendant saying are you the 40 dollar or the 20, or are you the first or the second, it seems that it records each time the nossel is returned not just a running total
  16. Yeah, common sense applies, obviously.
  17. The pumps are all recorded one fill at a time and is listed for the attendant separately, so you can pay for the $10 or the $40, usually i dont see them starting the third person through the one pump till one of the other two transactions have been taken care of.

    So you wont be paying for others fuel, unless its at a country bumpkins station where they use the honesty system anyways.... :)

    On tuesdays i fill up at one particular servo, and if the person infront of me moves to a parking spot, then I will too.
  18. its the courier mail.. who cares. imo its a sh*t paper :LOL:

    ps. I never fill up when the gas station is full. Never have had to and I wouldn't queue jump either
  19. Bravus said:

    F@$k. It must be happening all the time if it's in the newspaper. It's more than rude. It's un-Australian!

    Probably a bunch of lousy stinking right-glove-firsters who give all us decent riders a bad name.

    I say stick them all in the Army and teach them a bit of discipline.
  20. Bring back servo attendants I say!! That way they can be responsible for the angry cars as you ride off into the open road :grin:
    Sometimes at my local "country bumkin" servo the guys fill my car for me and they also have the honesty system too! :wink:
    I'm really slack and fill up my bike with the fuel from the mower container so I dont have to de-robe just to walk in the door to pay. It pisses my husband off when I forget to fill the container at the servo though. :roll: