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Questions to ask an Insurance Co.???

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Shori, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. Hey guys,

    Just wondering what are some of the questions one can ask an Insurance Company...???

    I mean basic questions & also that reveal any hidden costs and so on...also can someone recommend some companies that are not out there to rip off learners...?

    I have done a bit of calling around and Swan Insurance have quoted a good rate...

    Any help will be much appreciated.

  2. I'm currently with Insure My Ride... but that's because I'm still technically riding a bike that's under a friends name.

    Once the roadworthy and transfer papers go through, I'll be switching to Shannons.

    One reason is because Bob Shannon was a friend of the family (may he rest in peace), but also because my Kombi is insured with them and I can just tack the bike on as an extra.

    Best thing to do is ring around and play the companies off against each other. (ie. RACV quoted $4bajillion dollars, but QBE quoted $sensible-amount, what can you offer me?)

    Go with who suits you best.

    Car wise, I found that RACV were cheaper but they would only pay half of what my van is worth to replace if the worst were to happen. Shannons are a bit more expensive but they actually cover what I want them to.

    Play the game and ring around. ;)
  3. Apart from $$:
    I'd ask:

    (i) What restrictions do you have? (Age, mods, off road etc)
    (ii) What excess is there? And under what conditions do I pay it?
    (iii) What DON'T you cover?
  4. I'd agree to a certain extent, but be aware many companies dont price match. Eg. I was with QBE for a year, after which I found a considerably cheaper quote through GIO. Decided I'd give QBE an opportunity to keep my business since I was already with them, but was promptly told they can't match prices. Made for an easy decision :) Some people just dont know how to be competetive..
  5. This is a good one.

    I find its also good to give them point blank scenarios to cover grey areas. For instance, what happens if your bike is pushed over by a person.

    With my policy, I would pay an excess UNLESS I can get the details of the culprit, registered driver or not. In which case, they would pay it.

    Also ask for clarification on anything on the policy that does not fit perfectly. Such as, my policy options for parking were Garage, Drive, Street. I park behind the house out of view, in a fully fenced yard under a large pergola thing. Next to where my German Shepard sleeps. Not quite a perfect fit for Garage, Drive, Street.
  6. That's pretty funny considering this is on the QBE website.

    PRICE GUARANTEE CONDITIONS: We guarantee to beat our competitors price on motorcycle insurance policies excluding our Platinum Cover. The guarantee also applies to existing QBE motorcycle insurance policies that are on renewal. Price guarantee is based on the price of our standard policy compared to competitors. Offer valid for the first 12 months of insurance, after this premium will be charged at the competitive QBE standard rate.

    Guess you got a bit of a bastard sales consultant.
    Then again, when I called QBE to enquire about insuring a Honda Spada I was told that they would only insure it for $1,900. When I advised them that that was about a grand at least below market value (confirmed with Glasses Guide) they insisted that $1,900 was the highest they could do. Some pretty odd statements seem to be made at times.
  7. :tantrum: