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Questions Re: Taking the bike shopping...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Meph, Feb 18, 2007.

  1. Hi.

    I have only had my bike a few weeks, and i usually just go to work and back, but lately ive been going down the video store (about 15 mins away) and there is like a line of shops there (i guess Americans would call it a "strip mall") and i have a few questions. For all you west melbournians I'm taking about the video busters store near aircraft station.

    1. Do you always park on the footpath (Victoria, you can do this)? or do you sometimes park in bays? I wasn't confident riding up the gutter to park on the footpath (which is fairly skinny) today, however the other week when there were no bays i went up the pedestrian ramp thing and parked on the footpath. I thought to myself (alright! a perk!) I parked in the bay today, but i parked right near the back so that cars coming will see the back of my bike and not just throw their cars into the spot.

    2. What do you do with your helmet? I know that you can put your gloves in your little "boot" but what about helmet? Ive heard of some that somehow attach it to the pillion footrest? Because ive just been going to the video store I've been using it as a carry basket :p

  2. Your legally allowed to park on the footpath in victoria so long as you don't position it in such a way to obstruct people i think.
  3. One of the great things about riding a bike in Victoria is the ability to park on footpaths and such.

    Don't be afraid to, just make sure you don't park in any ones way. Try not to park too close to the road where a car might swing It's doors open and hit your bike, also dont park too close to buildings as the blind use them as a guide to get around the place.

    I usually like to park near a fixed object like a pole or a bin for a bit of protection and also to be out of the way.
  4. 1. I pretty much always park on the footpath. If the footpath is only wide enough for your bike, I wouldnt park it there. The law is, i think that you cant block a path or something like that.

    2. Helmet, I carry mine with me everywhere unless its at moto gp or superbikes, I just hang it off from under the pillion seat.
    Reason I dont do this is that normal people non riders see a helmet and think, too easy.
    The way you want to hang your helmet if you do it, is pop the pilion seat and there should be some hooks to hang the straps or the d links off. Than close pillion seat and it is locked down..Pretty easy for someone to cut the straps tho.
  5. We (Vic.) are allowed to park on footpaths if we do obstruct pedestrian traffic or pose a danger. this includes blocking utility access points. We are not meant to park along near walls on thoroughfares as this is dangerous to the vision impaired.

    Use common sense it isn't a right it is a priviledge, don't abuse it. I always back into parking bays , less danger when leaving, and yes i park so the bike is obvious to other vehicles.

    I always carry my helmet, just goes with the territory. The lidsafe bags are a good idea, but if your seen to be using one often in the same area a pair of sidecutters gets someone a helmet.
  6. I know the spot youre talking about, used to live/work in that area.

    If it was me, I wouldnt park on the footpath or use that little strip of parking bays there as I consider the risk of damage to the bike too high. Main reasons are that most who enter & exit that area are always in a hurry & unfortunately careless. Ive counted endless "near misses" of cars against cars, even cars going to park where cars are already parked ! not to mention how many pedestrians have almost been knocked by either the pedestrian not looking where they are going or by a cager. I just call the whole thing a blind spot :p

    Given the choice, I would park the bike "next door" in the car wash area, to the left after the drive & before the wash bay areas as there is heaps of room there & you are only about 2shops away walking distance. Oh & I would also definately take the lid with you.
  7. OOh i think ive seen that one the other day, wondered what that was for.

    Do you mean everywhere or especially in that area, because the people around there sometimes look especially shifty....
  8. I wish we could legally park our bikes on footpaths in NSW. I did it yesterday for a minute and it felt so awesome, especially when I rode off along the footpath a little bit to find a gutter to get off it - got some confused looks.
  9. hi Meph.
    I usually park my bike on the footpath outside the Bendigo Bank (on the freeway side) where there's plenty of room. Or in the carpark next to the newsagent.....



    PS: definitely take your gear with you and lock the bike if yr going to be longer than a few minutes.........certain scummy element in the area...... :roll: